DRAFT FOR FEEDBACK: Community Expectations

Please provide any feedback for the DRAFT Community Expectations:


  • Please keep feedback professional and constructive. Pair your critique with a solution, when possible.
  • Understand that while all feedback will be considered, not all suggestions will be adopted because the scope of our experiment might not allow them for non-obvious reasons at this time.


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I think this needs to be reworded or expanded upon. How would another seller get/give consent; do you need to ask them publically? Wouldn’t it be better to outline that PMs are available but are not to be used for promoting/soliciting, etc? Report if harassed or contacted inappropriately.


Good point, thanks! We will ponder and adjust.


SellersAskSellers.com can not ensure that members will not exploit any PII that is revealed by members and take no responsibility for any consequences of such.

I think it should be ‘takes no responsibility’

This is in conflict with the mission statement that says

…to offer a meaningful and private crowd-sourced alternative

I think we should steer clear of any insinuation of privacy and suggest dropping it from the mission statement. ie ‘to offer a meaningful crowd-source alternative’.

And I had the same question as Medic about consent for PM’s.


Let’s not forget that very few people (except those who write them) bother to read, or care much about, any rules governing behavior. We all know the basics. Don’t pick fights, don’t be rude. It doesn’t need to be spelled out in so much detail.

People will come here (we hope) with a question. They’ll want an answer. They won’t want to be bothered with reading community expectations… or forum guidelines, or mission statements or anything else. They will click, check, or agree to whatever they’re forced to, in order to move on to their purpose for visiting - posting to seek help.

My first impression in giving these a quick glance is - what kind of power hungry, micromanaging, control freaks are running this place? :laughing: I say that with plenty of respect, of course. :grin:

I think you need to shorten and simplify it, and tone down the control, but even with that, be aware that few people, if any, will read it.

to give-and-take with respect, curiosity, compassion, and authenticity.

Your first impression sets the tone, so it’s important to make it the right one. I don’t think this is the best option. It makes me think of people with flowers in their hair holding hands and dancing around while singing Kumbaya.

But then the tone turns quickly…
In that spirit, we have specific expectations for member behavior

It reads to me like - we are all about peace and love… unless you cross us, in which case we’ll kick your ■■■.

If you can write it in a way that conveys you generally trust users to know how to behave, I think that would come across better.

There are too many rules, and some of them seem questionable. I would look at them and say - if I have to do all that just to be allowed to ask a question, I’ll go somewhere else.

All members are expected to contribute meaningfully to the community.

This seems unreasonable (and unenforceable), as does ‘give more than you take’. Lots of people just want to lurk and learn.

I’d suggest avoiding words like ‘expectations’. Go with something softer and more encouraging instead - your experience is valuable and we encourage you to contribute.

There are a lot of really strong words throughout (expected, required, do not do this, do this immediately). It suggests that you think people are idiots, and need to be micromanaged. I think it’s very off-putting.

Just looking through section 1, I’d break about half those rules and wind up suspended. Again. It’s too much.

If you extend an invitation to a Seller to SellersAskSellers.com , be sure that you trust that person to maintain the fidelity of our community.

I don’t understand this. If we want to keep the membership a certain way, then we shouldn’t open it to everybody. And if we’re hoping to attract the new sellers who really need help, how can anyone know them well enough in advance to trust them to be good members we want? I may not be understanding the intent of this statement, but it confuses me.

I didn’t go any farther than section 1, although I did briefly scan down the very, very long list. It’s way too much. If I came here as a newbie and read all that, I wouldn’t stay.

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Yes, but lawyers do.

I’ll be blunt/level with you. Most of the things posted in the “black section” (this category) are CYA things. ToS, Privacy Policy, etc. Will anyone read them? NOPE, but when someone throws a tantrum and decides to get a lawyer involved (or if Amazon one day does not like something that was posted) we can say, listen, here’s the contract you agreed to. :smiley:

I mean, kinda! lol, but I see your point.


Is is possible to rewrite so that this is mentioned just once, as in "violations of any of these guidelines may result in … "


Of course, but most of us aren’t lawyers, so you’ll only get a user’s perspective from us (at least me). And as a user, if I came to a new site and read all that stuff, I’d go running for the hills. That’s all I’m saying. :wink:

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Don’t worry I hear you!

We are trying to find a fine balance between CYA and safe space, lol!


For perspective, I took a brief search of forum guidelines, expecting that all forums have them. For CYA and general setting of expectations they are necessary.

These three are each quite different in tone and content, yet also share similarities in what is tolerated. They do include a few things we might want to consider, such as not posting copyrighted materials or images. (Can copyrighted content legally be shared if it’s ownership is identified?).

Links are broken, insert the ‘dot’ to repair

https://www.bleepingcomputer com/forum-rules/

https://community.crossref org/guidelines
https://www.crossref org/code-of-conduct/

https://www.techrepublic com/guidelines/

I got a chuckle out of this one:
“Think before firing off a half baked response. You end up sounding less intelligent than you probably are.” from techrepublic com
(…and so here I post something that is likely copyrighted!)


Oh that’s a good one!


Agreed. Have we definitively concluded the membership goal? Open to all who need help or selectively curated?
Open to all would put a higher burden on mods for crowd control.
If selective, based on what criteria?


This is me precisely.
I will lovingly kick your ■■■ to promote peace


It will not be 100% open, All users will have to be approved


I like, “Don’t pick fights, don’t be rude.” However, it does need to be spelled out in detail.

We ran a community news service for 15+ years, three plus stories a day, and an open to all comment system. (We knew who commented, no one else did, drove many nuts.) You must have a TOS with grounding to keep the wolfs at bay. It saved our butt many times. Even had people comment on how good it was. Since they could not skirt around the rules.

ETA: I don’t remember the exact wording but it was something like, "If you are not happy with the way we operate your solution is to not connect to our website, not participate on our website, and not read our information.


But you do know, everyone reads to TOS when they sign the Amazon Seller Agreement < s >

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For Consideration...

Terms of Use

This Agreement is between you and [INERT SITE] (Including any owners, operators, supporters, sponsors, moderators, contributors, or agents & representatives). This Agreement shall be governed by the Laws of The United States and [INSERT FRIENDLY STATE (DE,NE,SD,GA - NOT CA, NY)]. Your continued use of this site is to be considered as your consent to this Agreement.


Users must be eighteen (18) years of age (or have the express consent of their legal parent(s)/guardian(s)). This site is intended for use by Amazon Services, LLC (Amazon.com) Third-Party Sellers of the age of majority in their respective State Users under the age of thirteen (13) are expressly forbidden and prohibited from accessing or using this site. Use of this site is at will, [INSERT SITE] cannot and shall not be liable for any use of this site.

I. Privacy

[INSERT SITE] takes user privacy seriously. Best efforts at maintaining users privacy. However, any personally identifiable information provided by any user should be considered public. [INSERT SITE] cannot guarantee the confidentiality of personally identifiable information supplied by users.

[INSERT SITE] will comply with any and all legal and proper requests for information from Government.

II. Intellectual Property

[INSERT SITE] is a publisher of third-party content, protected by ‘Safe Harbor’ from legal action for any violations of Intellectual Property Rights infringement. [INSERT SITE] does respect Owners of Intellectual Property Rights. Users are required to not publish content which they do not have ownership, license, authorization to use, or that falls outside of the definition of ‘Fair Use’. Owners of Intellectual Property may (upon demonstration of valid, legal ownership) may request the removal of their Intellectual Property by contacting any moderator.

III. Prohibited Conduct

Users are prohibited from publishing to [INSERT SITE] any content which is illegal in the United States. Or from advocating, endorsing, promoting or encouraging illegal acts or content. [INSERT SITE] may forward information of criminal actions, conduct, and content to Law Enforcement.

It is prohibited from publishing SPAM or commercial advertisements.

IV. Right To Be Forgotten
[INSERT SITE] is completely outside the territorial boundaries of any jurisdiction with Right To Be Forgotten Laws. If you are in a territorial jurisdiction with such Laws. You should not use this site. Continued use of this site shall be construed as a complete waiver of any right to be forgotten.

V. Cookies
[INSERT SITE] may utilize digital cookies. If you are in the EU or other territory which regulates the use of digital cookies on a site. Discontinue use of [INSERT SITE]. Continued use of this site shall be construed as a complete waiver of any legal rights, the user may have governing a site’s use of digital cookies. Users are warned that their use of this site from within the EU may be a criminal act, and [INSERT SITE] is not responsible.

General Guidelines

Users should refrain from publishing content that might be reasonably considered offensive. For this purpose please refrain from divisive politics, derogatory epitaphs, and abusive language. [INSERT SITE] reserves the right for moderators to remove (or edit) any content which they feel in their sole judgement is inappropriate and/or not relative to the general purposes and intent of the site. Moderators decisions are final & may not be appealed. Users that publish inappropriate, illegal, or in the sole judgement of the moderator’s opinion irrelevant content may have their usage and/or access to the site curtailed, suspended, blocked, or banned without warning.

Or not…


for use by (single or) multichannel Third-Party Sellers, including but not limited to Amazon Services LLC, Ebay, Etsy, Other, Another Other, of the age…


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