DRAFT FOR FEEDBACK: Mission Statement & Community Goals

Please provide any feedback for the DRAFT Mission Statement & Community Goals:

MISSION STATEMENT: SellersAskSellers.com is a free online self-help community of third-party Amazon sellers who volunteer our wide-ranging e-commerce expertise, network and collaborate to find solutions, and pool our collective know-how. Our goal is to offer a meaningful and private crowd-sourced alternative to Seller Support and the official Amazon Seller Forums while providing value to the seller community.


  1. Share knowledge, experience, and ideas with fellow Amazon 3P experienced online (1) Sellers
  2. Serve as a valuable and private resource when there is a problem or roadblock
  3. Offer a place to stay up-to-date on e-commerce trends and tips


  • Please keep feedback professional and constructive. Pair your critique with a solution, when possible.
  • Understand that while all feedback will be considered, not all suggestions will be adopted because the scope of our experiment might not allow them for non-obvious reasons at this time.

(1) Edited by @Pepper_Thine_Angus (experienced online)


Sounds good to me.


Looks good!




How about just “experienced online sellers” and leave Amazon out of it? We do seem to have a lot of interest in other venues being expressed.

Overall – looks good. Short and direct.


I suggest: drop private, keep it just to: a valuable resource

Since privacy cannot be guaranteed

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I like it, though I will look again on Sunday.

I was on our local School Board for 18 years, and 3 years before that on the Budget Committee. That was before I succeeded in my campaign promise “Losing one vote at a time.” eventually you pi$$ everyone off.

The reason I bring that up is our High School Mission Statement, I was on that committee, took 5 months and may dozens of meetings.

Not to build a dam tonight, but just wanted to share and think about it.


Good Point there.

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