Easiest Way to Move Individual ASIN to Child Under Parent

I have an individual listing ASIN that I want to move under a parent ASIN that already exists.

What’s the easiest way to do this nowadays? The typical file upload or is there a quicker way through SS?


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Both the Variation Wizard and manual addition through MYI Editor are usually faster, from the user perspective, but we ourselves prefer uploads for situations like this, primarily because over the years I’ve noticed that there seem to be faster evidence of success with that methodology.

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Talk to SAS. They have a very specific workflow for this which includes a SAS Use Only template. Your manager will send it to you upon request.

You fill it out, send it to your SAS rep, and they take care of it and make sure it’s right before it goes live. Did this in July. Worked flawlessly.

DON’T DO THIS YOURSELF. Mistakes with variations can cause problems. You have pretty crappy luck.

Again, you pay for this service. Use every function of it that you can.

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I saw this too late.

I ended up using the variation wizard and everything worked out okay doing the Partial Update.

The only weird thing was all the listings converted to Fulfilled by Merchant. So had to convert back.

I also tried to change my SizeName on all the variants, as my last SAS rep created them (I should say Edited them to something I didnt’ want) and made them impossible to understand.

While most waste bags say the count of bags, he set my variations to say the count of bags, on each roll, then how many rolls. It’s stupid and I think costing me sales for those just looking at total number of bags.

Been trying to change it to what the top sellers are doing. Example

My Variant: 15 Count (Pack of 16)
It’s a box with 240 bags

Best Sellers Variant: 240 Count (Pack of 1)

No matter how I try to change it, it just stays in the Edit Box and refuses to push live.

Talk to SAS tomorrow or maybe Tues if they are off tomorrow…

I’d stop fooling around with it until you talk to them.

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This will happen if there is a value in the quantity field. When you download the template from the variation wizard, it likes to put 0’s in that field for FBA items, so you always have to remember to clear that field before uploading.


There are so many changes, it is hard to be sure of anything anymore.

But within the last few years Amazon has FROZEN most attributes of a product, once entered.

Again - Amazon gives you ONE Chance. Hit enter and live with the value - Forever.

But maybe SAS has some magic bullet for those paying big bucks?

MY workaround, is find another variant, that will work for you, and then wipe clean all children that you wish to link to the parent, and enter both the new variant and variant value for each.

ex. SizeName to SizeStyle (depending of course on what is available for your catagory)


I went back to look. THat’s exactly what it was.


SAS has an “Attribute Change” tool. Where you have to email in an excel template with the asin and attributes you want changed. They get 15 days about to try.


Thanks, that is good to know.

I had many situations where the Color was misspelled, or that I added a color to the variation, etc.

Like, I had offered Blue, but added Blue Royal. So I wanted to change the Blue to Blue Sky, so that it displayed Blue Sky and Blue Royal.

Simple changes, that would make the listing BETTER. But NO, said Amazon !!!


As you , I, and the fence- gate- bed-post all know, Amazon plays pretty fast and loose with Valid Values for Variation Relationship sets.

An ever-increasingly vast abundance of the available evidence strongly suggests that the ongoing PT [“Product Types and Attributes”] Initiative has found itself at loggerheads with the earlier-deployed Listing Quality, Search Conformity, & Brand Integrity Initiatives, inter alia, right from the get-go - and that now, more than four years after it first was launched (ca. Q3 2019), Amazon is still struggling, in Sisyphean fashion, with the unintended consequences inherent in its warm embrace of the Silo Management Model of Bureaucratic Administration…

Further evidence suggests that Amazon, unsatisfied with that result, rather than clarifying the muddy waters of its Global Catalog’s Browse Tree infrastructure, chose to subsequently compound the problem farther-still with the Attribute Harmonization Initiative AND the Size Normalization Initiative.

Sadly, and largely thanks, methinks, to Amazon’s never-ending scrimping on support infrastructure costs, I remain rather trepid on the prospects of it EVER getting the house in order - after all, when you’re making money hand over fist, by the minute, where’s the impetus to rock the boat?

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