East coast, stay safe tonight

Cause here it comes. Looks like a thick line too


Shockingly it’s actually raining by me in north eastern Queens NYC…

Every single storm has missed my area this summer and it’s dry as a desert around here. I’ll take it. First time since May that I’ve been able to shut off the sprinklers.

Hope it rains all night. Plus the Mets are actually going to win a game for a change bc it just went into a rain delay in the 7th and they are up 5 runs thanks to Pete!

Mets season is over but I still support the team and watch.


Reporting from Manhattan here. Thank you for your kind wishes. I had to use an umbrella when I walked home from a friend’s house after sharing dinner together (she got a great deal on some lobsters from Fresh Direct), but it looks as though the NYC area is not going to be hard hit by this storm.

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The weather radio was hysterical - solid alerts for everything from Philly up to Yonkers, but the Upper East Side of Manhattan got some nice lighting in the distance, a few impressive thunderclaps, but negligible rain according to the little weather station on the roof.

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The WaPo predicted a near apocalypse, but not for the NY area, if one looks closely at the maps. At 11:30 PM, there is no rain here in Manhattan.


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It appears to have broken apart leaving PA, byt man it was impressive looking in MD & PA

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We got hit pretty hard around Raleigh. Amazingly we didn’t lose power (we ALWAYS end up losing power) but the people around us weren’t so lucky. Though, Duke energy was on top of it and managed to get power back on for most by this morning.


I’m located in NJ roughly 10 miles SE of Philly. It was pretty intense seeing that front roll through last night. Rained very hard for about an hour, but as far as I can tell, minimum damage in my area. (There weren’t even that many downed branches/etc as prior storms have taken out any weakened branches/trees.)

That being said, it was sideways rain, so we did have to put down a few towels near a door to prevent a deluge from coming in.

Sideways Rain GIFs | Tenor

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I was sitting in a trailer park watching the storm. Made for a great show in the mountains.