eBay 1099 already available

I Imagine that everybody here found them no problem, but just to kickstart this new category, Selling on Other Platforms, the 1099 on eBay were made available
My ebay → selling → payments → taxes → it will request the password → forms will be available there

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I think we had one sale in 2022 on Ebay. Wasn’t planning on reporting that $26 in sales.

Stuck one listing up just to see bc others are OAing / drop shipping our Amazon listings there.

Too much work for nothing. We have no problem taking drop shippers $ and let them do the work. Eventually those buyers that got ripped off will find us cheaper direct or through the Zon.

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what is this here TAX TALK! I’m trying my best to hide here and then this! Appalling! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I know what you mean. I expect any day now I’ll be seeing the people dressed up like statue of liberty and waving their sandwich board signs in front of the tax businesses.

I keep resolving not to leave it so long next year. I at least am at the point where I cannot be any later next year (this year) without getting in trouble. So at some point I will realize that resolution.

Every year I start mentally preparing for taxes around late December…I usually get started on them no later than the week before they are due :slight_smile: