eBay fee changes coming soon

Nothing major, but things to note


12.9% to 13.25% most categories
Sellers of books and media will see an increase from 14.6% to 14.95%.

that’s an outstanding 0.35% increase that I am more than happy to pay… Amazon taught me to be grateful for everything Ebay still offers.


I mean it doesn’t seem unreasonable to me!


At this rate they can keep increasing rates every 2-3 years for another 10 years before they reach Amazon’s fees :slight_smile:


On Amazon, booksellers have the 15% referral fee PLUS the media fee ($1.80?), so this is still a win.


Very happy with ebay lately.
We have a new distribution stream that’s a perfect fit with ebay and I must admit we have far less buyer drama there and almost ZERO INR.

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that’s because Ebay accepts delivery confirmation as proof of delivery. Buyers have not been trained to get free stuff…scammers are flocking to the river


Speaking of eBay I’m seeing a lot of new commercials now about this Guarantee Authenticity badge.
How are they going to accomplish that? Are their any ebay posts about it?
We were on ebay, (Sundance Beauty | eBay Stores) but Amazon biz was much better. We shut ebay down during covid & just never got back to it.

But if this guarantee thing is real that might be something we are interested in.

You send it to them. They got some nice temperature controlled facilities now. You can then store it there forever

Is currently limited to a few categories

I have always been surprised at how many sellers discount eBay. I sell approximately 25% what I sell on Amazon. I’m in a completely different category from you, but also consumer products.