Ebay has increased the maximum sale covered under their International Shipping

More listings are now eligible to go global

As a seller who is currently enrolled in eBay International Shipping, we’d like to inform you of a program improvement. eBay International Shipping was launched with lower item values. The new item value limit has now been increased to $2500.

Please update your current listings so they are eligible for eBay International Shipping benefits like, no international returns and no international selling fee.

This is a freight forwarding program.

Ebay takes responsibility for returns, refunds on their dime, removes shipping related negative FB, handles all customs paperwork, and is Exporter of Record.

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I got that message today too. Good for them, but I doubt I would send anything that expensive international!

How well does ebay international handle INR? It is like Amazon with freight forwarders in that “Hey, the seller shipped it and the US warehouse got it, not the sellers fault”?

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They claim that the buyer must make the request from the order page, and the seller is not involved. Refund is by Ebay.

If contacted, seller is told to refer the buyer to the order page.

FB removal is automatic if negative.

Also claim it includes not as described claims.

I went back and reread all the help info.

In my experience, Ebay manages to make these seller goodies work.

This latest version of the International Shipping is slower and cheaper than the previous Ebay Global Shipping, and I have not had an order which went through a European post office, all have been independent couriers. Many through Asendia Management SAS, a cross-border delivery service for international e-commerce and mail. A joint venture of French La Poste and Swiss Post since 2012, the company acts under the brand “Asendia” and has 32 global locations in 4 continents, delivering worldwide.

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Just had an eBay INR that was shipped in the eIS. Our package made it to the eBay hub but I am not sure what happened from there. Just got a notification from eBay yesterday that a claim was filed and we do not need to do anything. The next day (today) got an email that the claim was closed, eBay covered the cost of the refund to the customer and it did not effect our seller metrics one bit. I still would be wary of shipping anything that expensive to the eIS program but if I had to, I would most likely just make sure to ship UPS insured with signature to CMA.

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