Ebay sales tanked last 2 days

Starting April 25, I’ve had no organic traffic and my Ebay sales have stopped. I normally sell about 7 items a day. On my traffic report, I’m still getting promotion / sponsored traffic, but no organic traffic.

Has this happened to anyone else?

I see my listings are now buried far down on the search results (100+ below). Sellers with lower feedback ratings (98.6%) are getting the top spots. I’m a top seller and currently 100%

Another observation - my Shopify and Amazon sales have increased.

Ebay says there is a system update going on right now.

eBay was our first multichannel website to sign on to. We did this about a year before 9/11 so many memories of that time.

We just have not kept our eBay account presentation current, and we should do that. We had one $30 sale in the last 5 days, I almost fell off my chair.

seems normal to me

well IDK actually, organic views on the 26th seem low.

Maybe something funky going on at HQ

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mine are bumpier than Default_Username


I can tell you that any time I have loaded an ebay page in the last week my processor SPIKES, there are coding issues on ebay recently.

At the time of posting I had 1 organic hit (blue bar) for April 25. Now it says I had 112 hits. So it seems their numbers are changing at the moment. Still no sales for 2+ days, which is odd for me.


I am seeing big increases in Ebay traffic over a month ago.

I have over 4k listings active. Impressions are up far more than views, but views are up about 20%. Conversions are up too.

In the past few days, the number of sales has been lower and average sale price is lower, but I attribute that to long term problems with my buyers running out of money to spend during the current month.

I do not know what it would be like for a seller with just a few items.

I do think that the update is affecting when buyers can see recently listed items, a group of 20 similar items listed a few days ago has ranged from 1 to 20 visits per item, with one sale.


I do NOT pay for promotions. My sales are steady. Seen a bit of an increase the past few days, but it means nothing. In sales, it all depends on what you sell and who to…


Ecommercebytes agrees with you:


I was shocked to receive 2 orders the same day on eBay, which almost never happens. Sales for me are like a pendulum. When eBay sales go up, my other sales tank.