Ebay Thermal Label-Friendly Packing Slip Option Gone

They have now added the packing slip to be printed after the shipping label - adding more customization features to the packing slip - but it is no longer 4x6" thermal label size friendly. The print is too small to read.

Does anyone know of a way to print the old packing slip label format? I couldn’t find it.


Does not seem to be a way.

I rated the new packing slip process as two stars. Annoying and I do not use thermal labels.


I gave it 1 star. I also entered my email address - I’m hopeful they may reach out to me.


I cut and paste (command+option+4 on Mac) to be able to scale the size of the packing slip. Once it’s on my desktop I just send to print on my Dymo4xl


Hmmm… had no trouble printing a label and packing slip on my Rollo printer 2 days ago for the Bay. We don’t buy our labels from eBay though, so that may be why. We do use their API to integrate with our shipping service.


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