Ebbay Global Shipping Program

Does anyone know the correct procedure for an item damaged that was shipped through Ebay’s Global Shipping Program?

I’m concerned that if I just refund on my end, they won’t also get refunded the shipping and VAT that they paid. And I don’t see a clear procedure for reshipping the same item through the same order.

Any advice? Thanks in advance.

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I suspect that our friend @lake might be able to offer sound advice for your proposed situation.

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I would recommend waiting for Lake to provide insight into eBay’s Global Shipping Program, but we handle it very similar to Amazon FBA returns. We let eBay handle it.

We technically use eBay International Shipping which I believe is formally eBay Global Shipping Program. (I would double check to make sure you are in the same program)

We basically direct the buyer to contact eBay and request a return.

So far for us, when using the eBay International Shipping program, eBay will handle all aspects of the return and refund. We do not even see the return information or any communication between eBay and the buyer.

Here is some info from eBay’s site.

eBay International Shipping FAQs | Seller Center


Wait for Lake, but I was always under the impression that your job as a seller ended the moment it was delivered to the Ebay Global address in the USA. Beyond that it was eBay/contractors dime and job


The Program is now called Ebay International Shipping. It is slower and cheaper than Ebay Global, and @Old-Timer is absolutely correct as is @Pepper_Thine_Angus

The buyer opens the claim and you need not do anything.

The item has been inspected by EIS prior to being handed off to the International Carrier. Any Damage is their problem.

As a marginally relevant footnote, some sellers have reported that Ebay has been offering EIS returns for sale on the site. This is because EIS offers returns on items which are No Returns for US buyers.


The one time I had someone claim damage to an international shipment, eBay did not render me responsible because it had left the states. I am not sure this is the case anymore though.


Thanks @lake. What about an item that was returned by DHL to Ebay’s Global Processing Center for “Prohibited Contents”?

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I’ve had that happen! Your not at fault. That is ebay/the buyers fault. Ebay pays.


That should not be your problem either,

That should be caught either before the order is allowed to be placed or at the EIS shipping hub before the customs documentation is prepared and it is sent to the international shipper.

There are sellers reporting their buyers in certain countries are unable to buy some items through EIS destined for some countries, in spite of EIS being enabled.