I think it’s part of a wider campaign to make Amazon look like a crappy platform. There’s a lot of posts about how Amazon screwed over a seller when any rational person would realize it’s the seller’s own fault. And some of those posts are duplicated in whole or part by alternate accounts.


There’s a reason why the AAS has taken the stance it has, explained by an adept reading between the lines:

https: //

Amazon - once bitten, twice shy after the 2017 debacle - is merely following suit.


Well that is accurate, they will no longer be needed. :man_facepalming: :person_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:


No need for a campaign to do that!!!


The good thing is the cost of the item means there won’t be too many returns. A 10 pack of these are about 10 bucks, very few people will bother trying to refund that.

If the cost was $100 you’d probably see a return rate > 50%

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Not stupid. Nothing wrong with doing it properly.

That’s why you should use only ISO certified glasses. A lot goes behind quality control.
Sure, you could argue that there might be a defect; but if that’s your concern, you should never EVER get in a car, because of defective brakes, airbags, tires, etc. Far more likely to have a serious defect there than in ISO certified sun-viewing glasses.

The issue with an eclipse is that while any point of visible sun is just as bright, and therefore just as damaging to the eye, the TOTAL amount of light is decreased, and can decrease to the point that the reflex of “hey, that’s too bright; look away” can be diminished. Add the fact that it’s interesting, and an eclipse is more dangerous than just looking at the sun, even though the amount of light is not greater.

NO NO NO!!! Regular sunglasses do NOT block very much of the light or UV. Odd that you will say that staring through ISO certified Eclipse Glasses is stupid, but suggest looking for even a few seconds through regular sunglasses. There will be MUCH more damage in 1-2 seconds of sunglasses than if you spent hours every day starting with ISO certified eclipse glasses. And again, like an eclipse dulling the reflex, sunglasses can do the same; therefore making it MORE dangerous to glance at the sun with them on than without.

Oh, and I’m not sure what world you live in, but I’ve met plenty of people with a lot more money than sense. I’ve even worked for some…


It’s also worth noting that access to money is not the same as having money. Anyone with $500K liquid probably won’t starve the next month if they don’t sell a bunch of crap on Amazon. Anyone who spends $500k of someone else’s money on crap to sell on Amazon will be a bit more screwed when things don’t go as (poorly) planned.


From a friend in Texas:


My partner/wife bought a pair on Amazon, after I warned her about the issues with quality. “Don’t worry they are from the USA.” Cyber snooping, they are from a complex that does not even have the name of the company on the building.

Regardless, this one star comment caught my attention.

I couldent see the eclipse with them.
Reviewed in the United States on March 29, 2024

So thanks to these glasses not letting me see the, (eclipse) without them clearly visible eclipse going on. I probably have permanent vision damage. So thats cool.

And 10 people so far found it helpful, talk about dumb and dumber. We are doomed.

I tested the same glasses today, April 4, 2024. Could be the snow storm but I also could not see the eclipse. Even though the title indicates they are Solar Eclipse Glasses. :man_facepalming:


Just because it’s from the US doesn’t mean it’s good quality. Americans can sell crappy products just like anybody else in the world.

Also, isn’t that review fake? The eclipse didn’t happen yet.


First off … we Texans never stop on the interstate … heck … we rarely follow the 75 mph speed limit.

Second … don’t know a Texan who can read those signs as fast as they disappear at the speeds we travel (see First off above).



Those of us of Southern heritage or just happened to live in the area who evacuated prior to a hurricane are aware of what a mess Monday’s traffic might be.

We thought about driving 11 hours(nuthin’ for a native Texan), visiting my brother or brother-in-law who are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. If you’re a film fan, visit, The John Wayne Museum: An American Experience, located in the Ft. Worth Historic Stockyards. Their merchandise is first-rate-and those of a certain age who grew up watching westerns love their T-shirts w/ John Wayne quotes, “Ethan” long-sleeve shirts and trucker hats.

But having read all the crap on-line and even some injudicious reporting in the WSJ and Bloomberg, we’re staying put. If it is the apocalypse, God won’t have trouble finding us… and if not, I’d rather not be forced to pee on the side of the road, caught in traffic for hours. In the cosmologic past, I’ve seen partials and Hailey’s Comet, which to my mind was way cooler since it lasted longer. . .


So did the first Star Trek movie.
It was not cooler.



So thought we would check to see if we could use our security cameras to watch the eclipse. With a filter, you can. As we researched a little more, we found that a welder’s helmet with a filter 13-14 would be fine. Took a trip out to the garage and found our welder’s helmet. Fantastic! It has a 13 filter. If we are not cloudy, we might use the filter with the camera. If we are cloudy, we will just view through the welder’s helmet.


If anyone gets photos, please share!



Got my glasses from Amazon today. Seller is from NY but made overseas of course. I’ll probably now add blindness to my list of problems 19 hours from now.


I’ll have a partial occlusion please.


If you don’t already follow @ellecordova, you should

This is her eclipse video, but the fonts vids are so hilarious I watch them regularly. She’s also an awesome musician.