Emerald Apps - Reauthorize?

Does one have to re-authorize the apps for them to work since the permissions don’t expire till next year?

I really don’t want third party apps to have access to the permissions they mention which isn’t necessary.

Any experienced users?

@Dogtamer you should’ve received this as well?

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Yes, we received this entreaty some months back, and again today; for us it’s about the recently-deployed ability for Emerald Apps to send messages directly to a client’s Seller Central Dashboard (presumably, methinks, via either one of the existing widgets, or perhaps through a new one).

Even were i inclined to find that feature useful - which I am not - I’d be wary of adding anything more to the mess that Amazon has made of the various SC Dashboard revisions of recent years (I’ve seen smaller increments of change cause some big snafus when Amazon’s programmers are at play), I certainly wouldn’t consider doing it in Q4.

Come Q1 or Q2, (when the annual authorization comes due), I may revisit this, but for now I’m gonna leave it alone, because:

The annual Glitchmas Season needs no help, as it’s long been perfectly (a word used rather loosely, in this context :smiley_cat:) capable of throwing monkey wrenches into the works without my aid.


So the apps should remain functional without re-authorization since the permissions haven’t expired and re-authorization is simply meant to enable emerald features?

Just for clarifications sake.

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:confused: I’ll admit it, I’m confused…this thing?


Yes, that’s been our experience UP TO NOW - as I mentioned, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this entreaty since Q2 of 2023, and declining it @ that time didn’t disable the SP-API Call Functionalities of the application.

YET; it remains to be seen whether or not the same holds true in the wake of today’s email missive from Amazon’s User Permissions Team.

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Yepper, that’s it.

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I got this notice as well. Way down at the bottom is this line:

If you don’t want to receive notifications from ScanPower within Seller Central, no action is needed and all of your apps will continue to work as they do today.

So hopefully this will prove to be the case; I’m not changing anything.