error "this product must be removed"

error “this product must be removed”

Hello, I’m a French seller, I’m launching my first product and it’s a total failure, on the French side, I couldn’t get an answer so I came here.

I got this message does anyone know what I should do?

Ce produit doit être retiré de l’expédition, car aucun centre de distribution n’est actuellement en mesure de recevoir le produit dans le pays de destination.

This product must be removed from shipment, as no distribution center is currently able to receive the product in the destination country.

I don’t do FBA; any ideas what could be causing this?

The OP says that it’s not hazmat or meltable.

I just tried to respond to this question on the NSFE but it wouldn’t let me post.

“There is an issue publishing your reply. Please refresh and try again.”

I refreshed several times but received the same answer.

I wrote my reply in French in order to help the seller. It’s possible the NSFE grammar bot can’t figure out what the post says and has blocked it.

That is weird; the OP wrote in French, but maybe it needs to contain some English.

I edited my response to include French, and it went through.

Maybe try writing in English with the French translation below/above.

I wrote up my original post in Word first and then copied and pasted it for the post. I used Word so that I could make the necessary diacritical marks. When NSFE kept rejecting it, I deleted the cut & paste post and then retyped it in the box. I added a brief explanation in English and then the reply in French without the diacritical marks. That was rejected too.

Right now I’m thinking that the NSFE bots can’t figure out what I’m posting so they’re rejecting it. The bots must be English-only “speakers.”

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That is weird because there are dozens of posts in other languages… :thinking:

Yes, I see people posting questions in all sorts of languages. But can the rest of us sellers respond in those languages?

I’ll keep trying to post on NSFE. I may just revert to English and not try the French.

I’m curious; next time I see an interesting post in another language I will reply and try to get to the bottom of this, and if I see one in French, I know who to tag…image


Merci beaucoup!

I took French in high school and again in college. I’m not exactly fluent but I can read and understand most texts. I’ve been in France a few times too. A number of native French speakers have told me that my pronunciation is good so at least I have that part down.

I also took a few semesters of Spanish and can understand about 70-80% of the forum texts in that language. But I don’t feel comfortable responding to any of them since so many people speak Spanish better than me.

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That is impressive, and getting the French accent down is equally as challenging.

I wish I knew Spanish. French would be great as well; I don’t understand why they don’t make Spanish mandatory for US students; it’s such an asset to have, and to start them out in first grade when learning a language is so much easier.

When I was in school, we had to learn Afrikaans, Zulu, and English. We could drop Zulu in high school, but Afrikaans was mandatory, and of course, it’s not used anywhere else besides South Africa, so it’s basically useless. :earth_africa:

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