Ever wonder what is under the hood?


Quick Find - Click name “Lawyom”, View Store Name - Result is “Lawyom”
To Google - Entered “Amazon Seller Lawyom”
Locate result, Click link back to Amazom listing
Click Store Link “lawyom”
Go to Feedback
Total 8 (2 FBA NegativesRemoved - Sneaky)

OF the 8 - 5 of them Claim FAKE

And the kicker, is that his listings are still LIVE.


They, PRC sellers have bragged about spending a lot of time on the US forum. To learn more, about how US sellers feel and act. Not surprised, “The Art of War” was required reading in the 1980’s when I began to grow up, in a business sort of way.

So sorry, but it is very clear, they have different rules. And knowing that comes from the book they wrote.


For plenty of us, even one feedback with “fake” would have deactivated the account–not just triggered a reserve.

Part of me is like “yay Amazon is trusting Sellers more” but the other part of me is mad that Amazon is trusting the WRONG Sellers. :expressionless:


Not paying the bribes makes you a ‘wrong seller’. If sellers would just make a tiny donation to the Amazon employee retirement fund, they would not have these problems.