FAQ for the AFW1 closure

Amazon link about this issue. Structural damage to the facility on Dec 13, 2022.

FAQ for the AFW1 closure [link]


Yes they sent me an email yesterday. Just four hours after I had a detailed conversation with a representative wanting me to use Amazon for taking care of our FBM customers. We do both FBA and FBM.

I gave him an earful including;

  • 98% of the answers we get from Amazon Seller Support are wrong.
  • Including the fact that SS told us our 32-37 items in AFW1 were just on hold because so many customers had bad credit cards on file
  • I explained to him that I fully understood the three 21 day periods, but it was a lie as noted in this forum soon after it was launched (I did not tell him about this forum) it came out about AFW1 weather issue.
  • I told him as a Amazon customer I would never want you taking care of your customers that have bought our brands
  • I reviewed with him how I have been treated as a customer, and it is a gauntlet to get help on issues.
  • I complained about the way that Amazon has changed it’s seller forums, and how they intended to out sellers that help sellers in the NSFE, that was not acceptable.
  • I told him the NSFE is a wasteland and sellers will seek help elsewhere. He responded that they are increasing the quality of the Seller Support Staff
  • I told him that our contributions were made public with three days notice on the Amazon Handmade Closed and Locked Forum
  • Back to the AFW1 closure, I told him if we were just told the truth, I could have taken a parallel path, that was to simply send more product to Amazon. He agreed that is what should have been done.

And I did so with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.

He offered to help me on anything in the future, and sent an email. He also told me that (in his job trying to sell customer support by Amazon to sellers) he is hearing what I said to him from many others.


Ok, but an increase in quality still doesn’t advance SS to “fair” quality for the big issues.

And…how? It’s not like a setting on a stand mixer.

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