FBA Feedback

Why does Amazon even allow Seller feedback for an FBA order. If it is anything other than feedback on delivery, then it is a review of the product and subject to removal anyway. It looks like ■■■■ to have a 1 star strike thru on you seller feedback. If they were not so incompetent with their programing they could direct the feedback button on an FBA order to an apology sent direct to the buyer from Amazon instead of having this stike thru BS. The buyer does not need two ways to trash sellers (feedback and review) on every FBA order. :angry:


I think they are threading the needle for keeping the feds happy for not silencing consumer opinion.

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Ok, makes sense. Remove the star as it provides an instantly negative visual connotation. If they are negating the review by strike - thru, it should be removed from the star filtering.


this part. If it’s invalid, get rid of it, period. The strikethrough is an insufficient half-measure, and that process removes other remedies to the seller.

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