FBA Inventory Discrepancy (Low Inventory Fee Issue?)

I’m wondering if anyone has noticed this recently. We’re seeing a discrepancy between viewing our available FBA inventory when we look at the same ASIN in “FBA Inventory” vs “Manage All Inventory”

We sent in 60 units of an ASIN on January 30 and was delivered Jan 31. It was 6 cartons (12 units per carton). When I look at the shipment it shows Status: Receiving and all units are located. It is already being transferred to other FCs.

When I look at the ASIN in Manage All Inventory this is what I see:

When I look at the ASIN in FBA Inventory this is what I see:

I don’t understand the discrepancy. The units are all received and should all be available at this point.
This concerns me much more given that the Low Inventory Fee is looming in the not too distant future. It seems like the FBA Inventory view is the one that they use to calculate the historical days of supply.

This is happening on more than 1 ASIN of ours. I’m wondering if anyone else is seeing something similar?

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What do your inventory reports tell you? Received and available are two different things when they were only received 5-6 days ago. It takes a while to shotgun inventory across the nation.
Inventory ledger

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I checked the Inventory ledger, and all units are accounted for and as expected most of the units are being transferred to other FCs. Which is fine, but shouldn’t those show up in FC transfer on the FBA Inventory screen? It shows 12 in FC transfer when there are actually 42 units being transferred. This makes the “on hand” number used for the low inventory fee calculation incorrect.

Just an aside, as part of our process for deciding what to send in FBA - we query Amazon through their API as to what inventory they have on hand. The number we get back there matches the Manage All Inventory screen. So the units were received and Amazon knows about them.

It’s definitely possible that I’m being too impatient and this will resolve itself over the next few days!

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You should wait at least 30 days before questioning anything related to an FBA receive process. Longer during the holiday season.

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Generally speaking, few and far between are the Seller Central GUIs that actually provide real-time data.

The reasons why such is so are multitudinous, and complex; while I can if pressed expound at no-little length on the variables which produce this Reality, doing so might not be appropriate here in this thread.

Many years ago, when we ourselves were still but a Newbie-wan Kenobi in Sailing The River, three of the many, many things I learned while studying at the feet of the seasoned and savvy forum veterans were these:

  1. Not to depend upon the GUIs for authoritative data - as those worthies have been wont to point out ever since the Seller Soapbox Days, early in this century, there lies naught but confusion, and a hidden invitation to slip into a quicksand mire as a result of an ill-formed Rush To Judgment…

  2. To hang our hat(s) upon Reports instead (as our friend VTR intimates upthread)

  3. To bide our time, in the expectation that Amazon’s labyrinthine systems need a good deal of time to play out correctly (as noted by our friend GGX upthread, we don’t really start worrying until more than 30 days have passed without a resolution being effected from Amazon’s end via it’s automated mechanisms).

Those principles, once embraced, have made our journey much easier than might have otherwise obtained.

P.S. - Welcome to the SAS, which I believe you’ll find is indeed the BSFE ("BEST Seller Forums Experience)!


All good advice! Deep breath taken.


Welcome to SAS!

Good advice upthread. As a seller that has sent hundreds of thousands of units to FBA, I can tell you that what you’ve been told is indeed the case. The likelihood that everything will work out in short order is very high.

We audit our FBA inventory at the end of every year, looking for potential write-offs for lost inventory at FBA. This is where we landed for 2023:

123,228 Units Shipped
123.158 Units Accounted for
99.94% Accuracy

Barely worth the time it took to audit, in terms of the write-off.

Yes, there are other black holes that some of our inventory may have fell into but for us, it does appear that inventory is one thing that Amazon does fairly well in the grand scheme of things.

Results will vary, and sellers that claim constant loss of inventory are likely doing something wrong on their end. Sometimes that’s a hard pill to swallow but it’s true based on experience.


This is largely true, along with a few other factors. FBA performance has the “UPS review” bias. Nobody (except you) ever made a post on the internet saying that their FBA shipment was received smoothly. Many people will complain when there’s a problem. There’s also selective memory where people only remember the issues, and the times where people get multiple problems in a row. A roulette wheel at a casino can land on the same number multiples times in a row too. Doesn’t mean it’ll keep happening. Sometimes people have a problem on their first shipment and think FBA sucks. This is probably split between just bad luck that their first shipment happened to have an issue, and the seller making a mistake as it’s their first shipment and they didn’t know what to do.


This IS The Way.

BTW - I cannot post over in Katie’s Abomination the NSFE, for reasons which I’ve alluded elsewhere in the SAS, but I do monitor it regularly, so I read your astute counseling about where and how to assign VLookup function parameters in your 23Jan24 reply to our friend @nullandvoid regarding difficulties in keeping track between evolving worksheets in an Excel workbook (citational reference available upon request).

Couldn’t do more than cast an upvote, there, so I’ll say “Kudos” here.


Anyone in business, and dealing with numbers best friend.

Use this all of the time with our accounting worksheets … which means we have no use for Quickbooks.

I appreciate it. I try to only jump in when I can actually help! Which is not that often :upside_down_face:

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