FBA Issue with UPS Repacking Our Stuff

Never had this happen in 10 years of FBA.

We use 2 types of boxes.

Amazon is claiming they received a box that is 33 inches long and the photos show the box is taped together.

This is not our box, the UPS label is not ours.

Can anyone give any insight on this?

I assume it’s your stuff in the box?

If the label isn’t yours what does the tracking show? What does your label show tracking wise?

At this point, Amazon only talked about the box dimensions.

The box only has the UPS label on it. The tracking is correct. The label is not mine.

Box shows delivered.

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Your account lable or amazon? If your account, contact your ups rep and ask what’s up.

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We have had this happen when Amazon gave us a warning for the overlength rule when a box got damaged making it over length.
We sent Amazon a picture of the product as we send it with a tape measure, to get the shipment warning to go away.


UPS has damaged shipments and returned the surviving contents to me in completely new boxes they seem to purchase from ULINE, so they DO repackage what they run over with a truck or impale with a forklift. This is a fun thing, as it allows you to avoid the stock UPS excuse of “improper packaging” in the claims process, as it allows you to demand “Show me the damaged package, or pay me!”

So, I would not be surprised at all if they repack and deliver if none of the contents look damaged to them.