FBA Labels Placement

Potentially stupid question that occurred to me yesterday.

I package my FBA items in flat mailers or boxes, then inside a suffocation bag. I used to skip the bag, but my mailers are kraft and can get pretty dirty - the bags help.

FBA labels: Would you put them on the suffocation bag (outside), the package (inside) or both? I currently just do the outside. Wondering if I should do both. TIA!

Here is the video from Amazon
I would only do the outside, but I fully understand that the polybag may rip or the label can be damaged.
The reason I would only do the outside is that if the bag does break, there’s zero risk that warehouse Billy will take the initiative to scan the other label.

Of course. If the bag rips, Billy may not even notice that there was a bag.
But if the bag doesn’t rip, then you would have two potentially scannable labels, and Amazon may get confused and assume that you’re trying to trick them into double counting.

With that said, I gave up with FBA last year, so there are others with much more experience than myself in this arena.


Aah - Yes, that’s why I always did the outside (as required). I was just thinking it might help billy with returns - but this is a good thought. I’ll just keep doing it this way. Thanks!

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Personally I’d put the label on the mailer. Half on the flap and half on the envelope, so it would be torn if opened.

Then I’d polybag flap side in first.

I have a big red ‘Do Not Repackage if Opened’ label that I put on the flap. It might help - KNOCK ON WOOD I haven’t yet had a ‘used’ complaint. If I only did the mailer, I’m a bit concerned they wouldn’t be able to scan it - but I might fiddle with it and see!


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If you’re using such a label, I would go with the outside then.

If I ship anything in a mailer I always put whatever label over the flap.

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