FBA Prep Centers who assert inauthentic claims

I refuse to ship to FBA Prep centers for merchant fulfilled orders I receive. Too many d-bag sellers/prep centers who are making erroneous inauthentic claims. Anyone else have issues?

Not a great business model. You should be handling your product before sending to the FC. I don’t trust anyone to label and pack our stuff.



These are buyers doing arbitrage. I am merchant fulfilled.

My bad, I didn’t read. We have considered using a private fulfillment center but the cost is much greater than FBA for us and Covid made it difficult to find any that had capacity to take on new customers.


Ohhh, I don’t think the prep centers are filing this, the buyers are to try and get free stuff.

Funny thing is, once they file the claim, then their items are now in question and they have no proof! In fact they have “proof” that their item is questionable at best.


I don’t believe Amazon sees it that way. Amazon sees it as a buyer (directing an order to an fba prep center) making a complaint for inauthentic and dings me, the merchant fulfilled seller. In other words, I don’t think it throws shade on the buyer. Likely, the buyer provides a separate Amazon seller account to the fba prep center - at least that’s what I would do.

Oh I agree


How can I get the US flag next to my name and the “Verified” label? Will it propogate automatically on recompilation?

Unlike the forum, I think we should be able to post threads about bad buyers, bad prep centers, etc with enough reasonable info to identify them, but not create a case for libel.

With that said, it would be helpful to be able to post in those specific threads anonymously so that if one uses the same handle here as they did at any time on Amazon one can’t be identified by Amazon.

I think it promotes a better forum here and makes this forum stronger and more relevant.

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Flag is in your profile settings

Verified is a process we are in the, um, process, of working out exactly how to handle.

Verified just indicates we as forum staff have verified you are a seller on the platform(s) you have indicated. No paid staff here so we do as much as we can as fast as we can!

As the staff members of the site we have to walk a very very fine line with libel. There are (verified) rumors of some OSFE users being sued for their opinion (by another user). Yes we are covered by Section 203 in multiple peoples eyes, but that does not stop someone from costing us a lot of money to defend/prove that. Heck, Reddit, a CHAMPION of Section 203 was recently sued for user data so someone could go after users for libel and I still think that is pending. And lest not get to deep into the two court cases pending in the SCOTUS that will involve Section 203.

We are always working on solutions to help each other with info, so I completely understand where you are coming from.


Ok - going to modify the title of one recent post, or ask you to take it down if I cannot

I believe posting a first name initial and last name creates enough anonymity

As volunteer

I think I can say for all that our leaders are very very much appreciated for taking this on and maintaining it!


Prep center is a euphemism for many types of online arbitrage and distribution channel abuse.

Your example is one of the variations in operations.

Usually, the so-called sellers who use these prep centers are in low income countries with worthless currency who are trying to do some hard currency business outside the reach of their domestic tax authorities, and trying to evade being subject to US laws.

The “prep centers” are low overhead, virtually invisible entities with no ethics and no concern for the law.

Amazon does nothing to prevent the abuse and disruption they cause for their sources, the authorized distribution channels or Amazon buyers.

Any action you can take to protect yourself from these mf-ers without losing YOUR Amazon account is a good action.

@Goofer I have problems with naming names on this forum. Mostly because I have dealt with many of the booksellers who are constantly referenced as using 3P sellers to dropship and then defrauding them, without experiencing any problems. There has to be more to the story than is obvious. Something about the book or other item which makes it fraud prone.

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In my experience we have had multiple buyers order books from us and directd us to ship to fba prep centers. There are a few wherein the buyers made false claims that the book was counterfeit. I am not EPEG certified, but I have been doing this for about 20 years and I have colleagues who are EPEG certified and we’ve discussed specific books I’ve gotten back.

In a couple circumstances the book I received back was NOT the book I shipped (we have a way to tag a book without the buyer knowing). In a couple other circumstances the book I got back was the book I shipped, but it was not an academic or textbook and it was authentic.

This leads me to believe that these prep centers either misled their buyers, got my product mixed up with someone else’s, ,or were just inept at identifying inauthentic books.

Regardless, it’s a major increased risk for me.

I suspect that the risk from a buyer making an inauthentic claim is much lower now than it was ,say, 5 years ago when Amazon was more inclined to suspend an account over this.

However, it’s unnecessary hassle.

There is a way to get around it without harming your account, but I’m not inclined to post publicly as I suspect the trick I’ve found will get closed off by Amazon if everyone hops on the bandwagon.

But let me put this into perspective.

Since I decoupled myself about 97% away from Amazon, I sell about 1,600 books a day and about only 50 of those sell on Amazon…

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I don’t have your numbers, but I share the pleasure of selling more elsewhere and making more money.

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The crux of what I am trying to identify is not meant as an opportunity to brag, but to point out that if you have perserverance, leverage good relationships and don’t take no for an answer anyone, even a bookseller, can grow an ecommerce business without Amazon. And I am not selling a youtube video on how to do this. I actually had reason to sue one of those shysters - and won.

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