FBA Refund Services

I received an interesting email pitching services for FBA reimbursements. Normally these would go to the delete/spam, but instead I decided to ask what protections they offered for errors or omissions for the services they offer.

Not at all shocking, they stated "I can confirm that this has never been an issue with our service. ".

Now a professional in any trade or service, would have immediately replied with something like “We have a 10M yada yada insurance policy” or something similar to demonstrate they have the financial backing to support you if they screw up. You know like if the doctor takes your arm off during your cataract surgery, or if the mechanic drops your car off the lift doing an oil change.

Remain skeptical when outsourcing services my friends…


We have had this since we started operations in 1989, well, I think the policy was valid in the first quarter of 1990.

Even so, just one, I say again, just one, errors & omissions claim and I bet we are dropped as a customer by our insurance agency.

This is how I would have responded. The truth, the facts, simple as that.

I learned long ago, if you have to say “never been an issue with our service” AKA “trust me” no trust is due.