FBM Negative Seller Feedback - Escalation?

FBM Sellers: (NOT FBA)

How do you escalate a seller feedback removal case if Amazon has already closed the initial case going to the feedback team?

I have feedback that is only about the product and it was mistakenly denied. It was instantly denied by a bot/AI. My only thought was to do a Jeff e-mail but I try to save that as a absolute last resort. I tried creating a case from scratch and they are just telling me to use the feedback manager.

Before you tell me: Don’t worry about it, nobody is able to stay at 100% feedback - I really don’t care and want this negative feedback removed haha. If it was legit, I would accept defeat but not for this one.

Reopen case or if past time limit open new case noting this case and saying feedback is product review

Amazon prevented me from re-opening the case.

As I mentioned already, I tried starting a new one and they just keep telling me to use feedback manager. I replied to it twice and it is pending again.

All you can do at this point. Show that feedback manager does not work.

No other way unless you had a special SAS manager who would essentially open a case for your and address it to the right team. Only costs a kidney and a few toes with no guarantees.

So then the operator has to ponder the ROI of it all

Please be cautious in proceeding down this path - some years back, Amazon made it one of its Cardinal Sins to press a matter like this beyond what it is willing to tolerate (citational reference in published policy is available upon request).

Ever since that time, there have been multiple reports of a loss of Selling Privileges hinging on that score alone (again, citational references - from the OSFE & NSFE alike - are available upon request).

The vast abundance of the available evidence suggests that the primary impetuses of said change in policy can be grouped into two main classifications:

  1. The never-ending desire to decrease support infrastructure costs, which SO-firmly grip the decision-making processes & procedures of any corporate board responsible for Wall Street’s favor in these Modern Times, post-MBA Revolution

  2. The never-ending clamor of “unfair business practices” from 3P Sellers of lesser caliber than your own - most of whom, unlike you, don’t really have a leg to stand on in matters like the unfortunate one you’re dealing with

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Hey, try posting it to X tagging amznsellerhelp. Take that new support path for a Tesla test drive. [/sarcasm]

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Sorry, I’m not going to let that stop me. This is why Amazon keeps getting away with more and more BS because sellers don’t stand up against them. I’ve been selling for over 10 years now - I’m not going to stop escalating a issue when they are at fault. Sellers need to grow a backbone.


I would not disagree - but there is a sound reason why I taught our employees how to speak ‘Amazonese’ in a short & succinct manner many years ago, and for why we keep sailing merrily along…

Since Q3 of 2017 EVERY inappropriate negative Seller Feedback which we’ve received (admittedly, they’ve been few and far between, probably primarily due to what we are willing to offer in the Amazon Global Catalog, and what we aren’t) has been properly addressed by the automated mechanism without any intervention on our part - which leads me to suspect that our efforts in the years prior to that time may have resulted in a “Good Seller” annotation having been cast as a gold star on our Amazon-internal report card.

Drawing upon our own experience in this regard - and with the caveat that it has been six years since we last were forced to create a “The entire feedback comment is a product review.” case - if you can find your way clear to give some visibility (publicly or privately) as to what the feedback actually states, I (or others of our Seller Community) might be able to offer some pointers on how to escalate to one of the higher tiers of support without triggering the trip-wires currently in place.


If ANYONE gets any results from actually doing that PLEASE come back and fill all of us in on how it worked.

Feedback is a joke and we could all use some relief from that insanity.


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