FBM Return - UPS lost package

I just noticed a return from the customer with the tracking status: “Package is undeliverable because it is damaged. Package is returning to sender and refund will be issued once return is processed.” When I check UPS’ website it says “All merchandise is missing and the empty carton was discarded. UPS will notify the sender.”

The customer was returning a defective item to us that we fulfilled. Does Amazon reimburse us since the return UPS label was through them?

Generally, once an item is shipped back Amazon will back the buyer over the seller. There is no INR mechanism for returns that we never receive.

I have heard that SAFE-T claims are occasionally accepted for cases like this, but all I have is anecdotal evidence of this.


So Amazon makes buyer responsible for shipping to the customer (we use our own labels)… and yet when the customer returns a item using a Amazon label… buyer also responsible?


Umm… Yes. Yes, this is the case.

Nobody said it was fair.

Sorry, sometimes I have a dream that one thing will be fair on Amazon :rofl:


It sounds like the customer received a package that was damaged en route. Had they filed an INR claim, your buy shipping might have covered that. But by returning/RTS’ing it, they messed things up for you.

Base UPS insurance might apply?

No, the package did not get any damage when they received it. I’m talking about the return shipping from the customer to us.

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Oh when I read “sender” I automatically thought it was you. So they sent you a “return” that can’t be delivered to you? Sounds like you won’t have to do the refund then? Maybe I’m missing something, unless this is RFS?