FBM return....

My first experience of an item returned and I can say DAMAGED.

It was refunded upon first scan.

Filed a safe-T claim, picture showed damage. It’s just a dot – but that dot is an ink stain in the middle of white fabric and that makes my large placemat “unsellable”

10% refunded back to me. After several back and forth conversations.

How do I get beyond the robot and a real person…

Should it not have at least been 50%?

Unfortunately with a Safe-T claim the best I have been able to do for a destroyed item was 20%

the only time I have gotten more was when they return a completely different item.

This is actually been a huge complaint with the Safe-T claims.


Unfortunately, as mentioned by @Thelunatick, the norm is around 20-25%.

It appears that Safe-T claim Reps have been instructed only to pay out the bare minimum.

The Restocking fee guidelines say Up to 50% of the item’s price, but most sellers only get around 25%. Amazon figures that you can resell the item used to recoup the rest of the cost.

10% is really low; when filing a claim, sellers are at the mercy of the Rep reviewing the claim. :frowning_face:

You could try Appealing SAFE-T claim decisions; maybe some other SAS members can offer suggestions on drafting an effective appeal and perhaps include different images.

Appealing SAFE-T claim decisions

  • If you do not agree with the SAFE-T’s decision, and you have additional information and evidence to support your argument, you can appeal the SAFE-T claim within 7 days of claim decision via the Manage SAFE-T claims page, through the reply option available against all resolved claims. You can appeal a SAFE-T claim only once, so study the denial reason carefully and provide additional information that will support your appeal.
  • Manage SAFE-T Claims page will indicate “Reply by ” against each claim. For resolved claims, the timeline to respond will be indicated as “Appeal by ” against each claim.
  • Do not reopen the same claim multiple times without any additional information, or you may be flagged for abuse of SAFE-T process and action may be taken against your account. See below for more information.
  • Do not discuss SAFE-T decisions with Selling Partner Support, because they are unable to influence the decision on a SAFE-T claim. Instead, you should interact directly with the SAFE-T team via Manage SAFE-T Claims page.

Whenever I have an issue like this, I send an annotated image(s) to Amazon to support my case.

I’ve had good luck creating a side-by-side image that shows the item brand new and the item that was returned.


@doilyboutique444, this great advice!

Multiple reports from other sellers on the Amz forum indicate that side-by-side images are the most effective.

I really like how Roxy took it up a notch and added comments under the images; spelling it out with pictures will hopefully help them to see that your product can not be resold.


Multiple reports from other sellers on the Amz forum indicate that side-by-side images are the most effective

Make sure to include the explanation of how the images differ. Don’t rely on Amazon to figure it out for themselves. :laughing:


Exactly!! :point_up: :point_up:


What are you talking about? A bit of whiteout and that napkin will be good as new.

I ended up opening a case as well and after a few back and forths thanks to artificial intelligence – or lack of intelligence – I requested a phone call and that individual gave me an additional reimbursement to get up to the 50%.

At first he recommended the SAFE-T claim route and appeal appeal appeal…and I said that I did that to where the last answer included that they may or may not respond.

Parallel – I was also appealing (no arguing) my case in a regular case.

It was a whopping $4.95…but to me it was worth so much more.

I have an email already to confirm and a 25 minute screen recording of the phone call where I put them on speaker phone and then activated the screen recorder for the screen and sound.