FBM Returns changing to auto-refund regardless of reason?

Merchant fulfilled sellers:

Have you seen a change where Amazon is auto-refunding customers regardless of return reason? Typically for “No longer needed” I charge the customer back for return shipping. Now all of a sudden if I checkmark the box “Charge amount” the “Submit Refund” button stays disabled. I pulled up the full order info and Amazon automatically refunded the customer minus the $6.58 return shipping label.

I’m not a fan of this because there are many times we need to refund the customer the return shipping.

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yeah… duly noted. We are put in the position of explaining to customers how to file a correct INR claim just so Amazon eats the cost… but the default has become “Seller eats all the costs”

Maybe one of our gurus has an insight hidden in his/her navel. (I’ll be down at the US Naval Observatory hoping to see one.)

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