FBM same day shipment cut off time

USPS picks up at my place daily at 9:30am. I had my templates set up that if an order comes in after 9:00am its for the next day. Over the last few days I have noticed orders after this time show for same day shipping. I have looked all over the shipment settings and in my templates. I thought it was in the general shipment settings, I can no longer find that option. Did it go away, or did it move? I do have (and have had) the automated handling time turned off


Shipping Settings, General shipping settings…Did Amazon change your default time?


You can try checking under the New Tab called Locations.

Make sure to click Edit on your location then click Edit again on the next page.

Shipping Locations [link]


There is not an option to change the cut off time there. That is where I was looking. It shows the same default handling time (same day)


YES, that is where it is. Looks like it was changed to 10am, but I just got an order after 10am with same day. I will just go in and update the time again, maybe it needs a refresh.


Did that help?

In the past, if you put 10 am, Amazon would offer a 60 minute “grace period” and not actually take same-day orders after 9 am.

Sincerely hope this is just a glitch and not a roll back of that courtesy period. :grimacing: