Featured Offer and Other Sellers Display

  1. My Manage Inventory page shows the wrong offer as the Featured Offer (Buy Box offer).
    My merchant fulfilled price is the lowest and that is what I am shown as Featured on my inventory page.
    But when I check the detail page, the higher FBA price is actually the featured offer and has the Buy Box. And it is not always my offer, hence the reason for monitoring that.

Take away - you can’t trust what is shown on your inventory page to see what offer is really in the Buy Box and you have to look at the page. Not as convenient as it should be. This has changed, it wasn’t always untrustworthy.

  1. The Other Sellers display on the detail page shows the same offer that is in the Buy Box, and no others. It used to show 2 or 3 offers. It should show at least one different offer.
    FBA offer is in the Buy Box. Lower price FBM offer should be shown in the Other Sellers list, but is not because it is FBM. That one has a promotion also.
    The Other Sellers link has to be clicked to see it.

This $13.99 FBA is the current Buy Box offer.
There is another lower price FBA offer with later ship date (in transfer) and the lowest priced FBM offer.

FBA control of the marketplace is over the top dirty, for sellers and for buyers.


This happens frequently, especially when I make making changes. The BB status does not update as frequently on the manage inventory page as it does on the product details page. It does eventually adjust (for me, anyway) but there is lag time.


It has been that way for days, since about May 4th at least for the offer I am watching. Weird.

Who has the Buy Box/Featured Offer is decided instantaneously when a particular buyer views the page.

The Manage Inventory page has never been accurate 100% of the time in what is the featured offer. Nor is the BB percentage a reliable number.

Trying to manage the BB is a low effectiveness activity, although the payoff can be significant when you succeed.


My Manage Inventory page shows the wrong offer as the Featured Offer (Buy Box offer)

As @Lake said, the Buy Box winner is chosen dynamically and may differ for each person who views the offer. Supposedly, one of the criteria is who can deliver the product fastest, so a NY buyer may seem a Prime offer that’s in an east coast warehouse where a CA buyer might see a different offer.

I’m not sure what location is used to show the BB winner in Manage Inventory, but it doesn’t seem to be our own location. Maybe Amazon’s warehouse in KY, since that’s a pretty central location? Buy like you, I’ve noticed that the BB offer shown in Manage Inventory doesn’t always match the BB offer you see if you view the product. It’s not ‘wrong’, it’s just that Manage Inventory doesn’t dynamically pull your location the way the buyer page does.

FBA control of the marketplace is over the top dirty, for sellers and for buyers.

FBA Amazon control of the marketplace is over the top dirty, for sellers and for buyers.

Amazon has never been a fair marketplace, for either buyers or sellers. :angry:


No market place is “ever” fair. He who has more money, skills and contacts has an advantage.

Not everyone can afford to advertise. Not every gets the best price and all of the incentives from their suppliers. Not everyone can figure out what the right products to offer are.

There are entire categories on the Amazon Marketplace which are overpriced, and lacking in the level of customer service that any big box store provides. Experienced buyers know not to buy those types of item on the Amazon site.

The Buy Box is an Amazon recommendation of a particular offer for a product. Many sellers are not worthy of a recommendation.

I participated in a market research survey earlier today. It was dealing with consumer product brands and was not Amazon related. There were about a dozen well know brands in the survey, and were seeking to evaluate the perception of the brand. Among the questions was “how likely are you to recommend this brand to a friend or relative?” Only 3 out of the dozen might get a recommendation from me, fewer than I would bad mouth.

You cannot have a “fair” marketplace if Amazon has to protect its brand and reputation. 3P sellers are a risk to Amazon’s brand, and Amazon has to take protective actions to keep the bad apples from damaging the entire marketplace…

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Good question.

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Seller worthiness is a lesser measure than FBA or not, location/ship time, price.

As always the pendulum has swung too far. In the case of acquiring goods online, there is a place for it but I think there will be a comeback of brick and mortar for the reasons you note, and others. For some shopping can be entertainment, a reason to get out; there is value in being able to see and feel the physical item, and interact face to face with questions or problems; to know how something fits and looks before making a commitment. I am seeing less product availability in local B & M, I hope that comes to improve. It will never be what it was but like film and vinyl, it will reemerge. I hope. As you point out, online is good for some things and circumstances but not every thing every time.

For some of what I sell, I order cases of goods wholesale from the manufacturer.
The mfr ships UPS to me.
I ship UPS to FBA.
FBA ships UPS to customer (or, now often Amazon delivery).
Customer returns via UPS to FBA.
FBA returns to me UPS.
This is not very efficient.

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Online retail, Amazon or otherwise was different when there were fewer online competitors and carriers had a little extra room in trucks and planes for mail-order to take advantage of. Today there are too many online retailers and they have to compete for a finite carrier capacity.


No, but it’s pretty darn funny. :laughing:

As usual, I don’t agree with Lake’s perspective. :arrow_down:

The Buy Box is an Amazon recommendation of a particular offer for a product.

I don’t think the Buy Box is any type of recommendation at all. I think it is simply Amazon deciding to whom the sale should go, and they want to be bribed (with advertising, FBA fees, or too-good-to-be-true prices) to pick you. I don’t believe it has anything to do with what’s good for the customer because, if that mattered, Amazon would simply show all sellers on an even playing field and let the customer decide.