Federal Holidays

Make sure you go into to your Walmart Shipping settings and identify Federal Holidays.

Amazon does it automatically…

I just updated May and June.

Don’t forget the new Federal Holiday on the third monday in June right after Father’s day.

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How strange that they don’t do that automatically… :dizzy_face:

  • How strange is it that they don’t have an App in 2023 for sellers.

  • How strange is it that their sales dashboards only update a few times a day when everyone else does it real time.

I could go on and on about how primitive Walmart is. Shocks me.

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I could go on and on about how primitive Walmart is.

What are you shocked by? I’m actually kind of digging it. They seem to do things in a more straightforward and logical way than Amazon does. For instance, this data makes perfect sense to me -


Whereas, even after 15 years, I haven’t been able to make heads or tails of Amazon’s ‘Business Reports’ or figure out how to see the data shown above, if it’s even possible.

How strange is it that their sales dashboards only update a few times a day when everyone else does it real time.

What do you mean? By sales dashboard, do you mean the Orders page under Order Management? It only updates a few times a day? :thinking:

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I tried to warn you :smiley:

Walmart might be more straightforward with information, but their site is programmed like its Y2K.

Walmart might be more straightforward with information, but their site is programmed like its Y2K.

What are you referring to exactly? I’m still just dipping my toes in the water, but haven’t run into any technical issues yet. For me, presenting the information in a nice, orderly way that doesn’t make me hunt for what I’m after is such a relief. 2 people looked at the item… and one placed an order. Can’t find that info on Amazon anywhere, at least not that I’ve ever been able to figure out.

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I’m talking about this. I might be mistaken though now that I think about it. 1900 is likely PST, so it updates once every 3 hours (sales total). I assume the order screen is live but it doesn’t have any detail on it (such as time of day of order which would be nice).

Amazon’s got analysis paralysis. There’s just too many layers so I tend to agree with you but it’s great for advanced sellers that have an analytics department that can actually dig through it all. I’m amazed at the reporting my PPC guy can pull out of Amazon.

I’m a decently intelligent individual with experience but I don’t have the patience or time to figure out all of Amazon’s reporting and what made me stop trying is conflicting data from various reporting which makes me not even trust it so what’s the point… :roll_eyes:

:laughing: :rofl: :laughing:

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I’m talking about this.

Oh. I should have known you were talking about something related to their equivalent of FBA. :laughing: Which, of course, I don’t use.

In my non-‘them fulfilled’ orders list, I had an order show up, then a few minutes later, another one, and then shortly thereafter, another one again. I was trying to make your comment make sense, but you weren’t talking about something that applies to me (as usual lol).

Are your orders time stamped? WFS orders are not, unless I don’t know what I’m doing which is entirely possible.

Are your orders time stamped?

No, not that I can see. But I’ve been going back and forth between the Orders screen and the Home page (the two places I’ve found where orders show up), clicking every few minutes to check. I got excited last Friday because I got 3 orders in one day - big for me for just starting out - so I kept checking and checking and checking all weekend, thinking things were about to take off, but crickets. :cry:

Then mid-day today, I finally got one, and then another, and then a third, all within maybe 30 - 60 minutes. So I have a mental timestamp from today, but that’s it. :laughing:

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I can’t refund orders from the order, I have to go to another page. I can’t refund from the same place where I see refunded orders, I have to go to a different page. Things like that. And there are so many.

For every problem my inventory management program has with Amazon, I have 4 with Walmart, just because their whole architecture is archaic.

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Etsy doesn’t include holidays either… some garbage like “we can’t possibly keep track with all the holidays around the world and we are global blah blah cupcakes…”

Yeah… not like 80% of your sales are to/from the US, can’t possibly cover that and then leave, say, the rest to figure it out.

That’s why I keep 2-business days to ship on all my listings, year round, on that silly dying fake handmade site.

What is truly shocking is show many years and billions of dollars it has taken Wal-Mart to get here…

Here is another example.

I just got this email from Walmart 2 minutes ago.


At Walmart Marketplace, we take the security of your information very seriously. That’s why we’re adding an extra layer of protection to all seller accounts.

2-step verification will help ensure secure access to your account. This service safeguards against low-security passwords by adding an additional step to help minimize your risk of data or identity theft.

To prepare for this new service, please make sure every user on your account has unique credentials that link to separate inboxes where they can receive one-time passwords—this will help avoid any account lockouts. Please note: only Admin accounts have the ability to add or edit users. Learn how you can add users and set up 2-step verification here.

Visit our User Management Seller Help article for more information on updating this info along with adding and removing users, resetting passwords and more.

They just discovered 2FA.

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