Fedex truck catches fire today

A Fedex truck caught fire today near Carbondale, Kansas (south of Topeka). It’s likely all packages on the truck were lost. I hope yours was not one of them.

(The video is brief but it shows the trailer engulfed in flames).

No injuries and only a few undelivered/missed packages were on the truck at the time of the fire.

Very thankful that no one was hurt, and the delivery impact won’t be large.

But still, yikes. :flushed:

BTW, I had a vehicle catch on fire once, after an oil change at a chain vendor where they used the wrong oil. It was unfun, for everyone–especially because it was parked at a restaurant, right front and center to the front wall o’windows. :grimacing:

RIP Ford Tempo.
RIP FedEx Truck.


That “Carbondale” had me worried. My son gets daily shipments out of ILLINOIS and that would be bad before the weekend.

Kansas I’m not concerned about. They’re not part of the “Big Ten”… :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Kansas I’m not concerned about. They’re not part of the “Big Ten”

You mean the Jayhawks? I’m a Wildcats supporter. :grinning: The Big 12 has inherited so many teams from other conferences, it is going to be interesting the next few years.

Rock Chalk is back!

I am originally from Topeka, brought up on a farm in Parsons KS, went to school in Wichita until the 9th grade then ended up in what became silicon valley and finished HS and went to college/trade school there. I worked union sheetmetal helping build silicon valley and working most of the bay area. I made a mistake and moved back to Kansas and bought a house in a little small town on the KS/NE border. Took 15 years to get out of that little cliquish unfriendly pos town. I will never return to KS ever again. Wichita was alright but still not where I want to hang my hat. I like southeast GA much better living in the tall pines on a private lake.

I’m from NE Kansas but I lived in Wichita for a number of years. I still return there several times a year for appointments and events. There are many things to do there that we just don’t have around here. I like being away from the college scene too.

Classes start Monday and the students are already here. Arrrrrgh! The first two weeks of school are always hectic and wild. The students start to settle down once they have homework and their first exams.

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No rock chalk around here! EMAW!

The Worst Queso Scenario was the recent crash of a truckload of nacho cheese.
Officers responding seized the cheese, telling the driver "It may have been your cheese before the crash, but after the crash, it is… nacho cheese.

Gave you a chuckle emoji however, this is such a dad joke…

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Your screams of agony are music to my ears

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We had a package on that truck! Luckily only one…the last time I dealt with claims for a truck fire, it was a full semi. We had a lot of claims that day.