⚡ FEEDBACK NEEDED! Links in post

Hello SAS! We are working on formalizing our experiment and would appreciate any feedback and questions you have on the following items:

Not to sound too “Amazon-y” but we truly value your input. We have all survived on the OSFE and have ideas about good, best, and awful practices for a seller community forum. You definitely have a perspective to offer! Thank you for sharing your time and thoughts.


  • Please keep feedback professional and constructive. Pair your critique with a solution, when possible.
  • Understand that while all feedback will be considered, not all suggestions will be adopted because the scope of our experiment might not allow them for non-obvious reasons at this time.
  • All 3 topics will close Tuesday, Feb 28, at 7:30pm ET…so please don’t delay!
  • Our move to SellersAskSellers.com is currently anticipated to happen sometime on Wednesday, March 1. And if everything goes well, the only thing that will change is the address/bookmark. :crossed_fingers:
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