Filing a claim on a return

I think I learned this last month…and really I haven’t found another place to ask questions and share experiences from dealing with Walmart.

I had a customer buy 5 items, one order. Fine, shipped them all out.

OOOPS, I don’t want them, so the customer did a return. Only I didn’t get MY item back.

From previous experience (stumbling around), I emailed the customer and asked for my item back using the Walmart messaging system.


So I filed a claim against the order using ONE of the line items. Had to say I already asked for the correct item, sent picture of envelope, sent picture of what I received, had to give them the return merchandise authorization number. They reimbursed for one item less their fees. I kept asking what about the other 4… NONE of them said open a case with the same information for EACH (friggin) line. So 5 items shipped, 5 cases.

I could swear that the last time this happened – it was one case per order.

Not this time.

Don’t have advice, but generally since we sell so much less on Walmart, I really don’t bother trying to claw back money. They’re honestly worse than SAFE-T claims because none of the evidence is never enough.