First Variation listing

The only thing I don’t like is that SKU that got automatically assigned to the parent item.

Am I saying that right?

I did this one by adding one item and saying that there are variations…and followed the bouncing ball.

SO…if I understand correctly, if I delete that parent SKU, then I’ll have four separate listings.

I’m wondering where I missed creating that SKU in creating the listing…

I do like that I can expand it and see each child sorta separate in inventory management. It will be easier to update quantity available when one goes out of stock (unlike Etsy and Ebay)

Off to give this try at Walmart

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The only thing I don’t like is that SKU that got automatically assigned to the parent item.
Am I saying that right?

You are. :+1:

I don’t think you can assign your own parent sku, or if you can, it isn’t intuitive as to how to do it. Maybe @oneida_books knows. I create variations frequently (manually, as you did) and due to the wonky, Amazon-created parent SKU, always search for them in Manage Inventory by title, rather than by SKU.

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i do not add variations manually. I do all mine via the flat file upload, so I can not comment there.
But some basics.

A PARENT Variation is ONLY a placeholder. The children are normal SKU listings.

In the scheme of things you have 5 separate listings. One of which (the parent) is “hidden to the consumer” and the only function of it is to “Glue” the others together, so that when searching or advertising the listing of 1 of the 4, the other 3 will show.

Since I create my parent by upload, I create the SKU and create the Name. Maybe manually you can not?

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When you create that parent – what UPC do you assign? Or do you skip that field?

On the flat file the ONLY fields that are required to be filled out are.

  1. Seller SKU - what ever you wish
  2. Product Name - what ever you wish
  3. Product Type - I think it is require, never tried without. e.g. healthmisc
  4. Parentage - Enter “Parent”
  5. Variation Theme - The “name” of the fields that make up the variation
    When you down load your template, one tab will show the possible variations for your SPECIFIC Category. In my case, I have the possible ones of color, or colorflavor, to size, or sizestyle, many to choose, but not all categories offer the same.
  6. Update Delete - Leave blank if new, or PartialUpdate (like if you wanted to change the “Product Name”)

Leave all other fields blank. on the PARENT.

Now, if you are also adding the children that already exist in your list, then only the
the SKU, parentage (enter “child”), variation theme is required, but in the update delete, enter PARTIALUPDATE, so that the system only change the few fields entered and does not blank out what you have in the rest of the fields

When you create that parent – what UPC do you assign?

Parents don’t have a UPC because they aren’t a sellable item. I do all my variations manually so if you ever have questions about that, I’m happy to help.

SO…if I understand correctly, if I delete that parent SKU, then I’ll have four separate listings.

Even if you don’t delete the parent, you still have four separate listings (ASIN’s), they are simply all grouped in the same place when you use a parent.

Think of an ASIN like a sweater and the place where you store your sweaters as the parent. Whether you keep them in a parent ‘closet’ or ‘dresser’ or individually scattered throughout your room (standalone) you still have the same sweaters.

The parent just lets you organize them and keep like items together.

You can add (buy a new dresser), change (move from dresser to closet), delete (get rid of dresser) parents without affecting the listings themselves (sweaters).


if I get the hang of this – I will probably put all of my listings from a pattern into one listing like I have on Etsy and Ebay. That way the customer doesn’t have to click around and search for different sizes.

Baby steps for me.


Baby steps for me.

Other than the parent SKU question, it looks like you did a great job on your first try. :clap: :clap:

It sounds like your products are well suited to variations, and you can make a 2-level set-up, where the product varies on both color and size.

One thing to remember is that, when Amazon creates your children, they put the variation name(s) inside parentheses, so you want to refrain from using other parentheses in your title. For instance Dark Gray/Almost Black.

A 2-level set-up for your BlackLaceRunner product would look like this -

Table Runner, Dresser Scarf, Place Mat or Doily in Victorian All Lace Fabric (Dark Gray/Almost Black, 72 x 16 inches)

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An added bonus with the variations, as you mentioned is that if a customer finds pattern, then they have a choice of colors, that prior might have only been known if you added a note in the bullet points. It does create additional sales, like a purchase of two colors (instead of one).

As well, if you do any FBA, It can be a BIG bonus. You have the pattern in 4 colors.
As you probably know, Amazon favors FBA over FBM. So putting just one color to FBA, will favor the search for that item, and the other non FBA piggy back on the clicks to that SKU.

And if you “make an additional condition” on that FBA, and create an FBM item, that FMB item has the same ASIN (different SKU), so that if you are out of stock on the FBA, Amazon still promotes the FBM (due to the better ranking), and again, all 4 benefit.

Surely it is not the windfall of the gods, but every tiny trick to get your item an extra few eyes, is worth the effort


We start all out parent skus with the word parent.

Makes them easier to find and sort in reports.

Made with a template.


You USED to be able to give a unique SKU for the Parent - as long as you put one into the Offer page before you added variations.

They changed it about 3 months ago - annoyed me to no end. I even started a thread about it somewhere and Oneida nicely helped me find templates and such to see if that would help. Sadly (sorry!!) I haven’t had a chance to try it yet.

No idea why they changed that.


Have you made a new parent recently this way? I ALWAYS used a unique parent sku to sort and find them, but now even when I put one in they override it. I don’t use templates though.

If you’ve done one recently with a template and it works, that confirms Oneida’s suspicion and I’ll have to figure that out going forward.

I’ll see if I can catch up on this thread, although I think the answers given cover things.

I’m in the middle of some Variation Relationship creation issues for a client and pulling my hair out.

Yeah, I don’t like that either. I always start with “Parent-” to help find them in sellers with large inventories.

I’ve yet to take that approach (Seller Central) myself. I do see that the Variation Wizard part is working different than last I looked at.

However, I take it you are taking one of those already created ASINs that you want in a relationship and using the “Variations” tab?

That method may not allow you to choose the parent SKU.


Skip. Images below …


Wish I did for sure … but I suspect you can’t.

If you can use a file upload to create just the parent, I believe you could solve this issue.

It would be easy and only needs a little info.

Concerning @Chimanimani’s comments. I would not leave the Brand or Manufacturer blank.

I’ve made some this week and named every parent SKU through Templates.


just found this thread again – time to work on this and figure it out.