Fix My Products page not working properly

Made a case with Amazon.
When I go to Fix my products there are a bunch that say “Detail Page Removed”

But they are not, they are all active.
This page is not updating when pages get fixed & this is not a 24 -48 hr thing.

Anyone else see this?

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Yes, it appears that something changed on the 10th.

As I suspect that it may be as a result of pre-Prime Day tinkering w/ the backend, we’ve reluctantly decided to put addressing this latest Amaglitch on the back-burner for now.

I was working on “Search Suppressed” items - but now I’m not sure if they are suppressed or not?

Or is the page just giving wrong info

I have a feeling Amazon is preserving their servers for Prime Day.

We are seeing updates that normally take hours, take days, since Friday Eve.

Expect normalization on Friday AM.

Being optimistic for a change.


This is not the case for me, but it does fit the comment on a few recent threads.

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