[Forbes] What Amazon Prime Day Data Could Tell Retailers About 2023 Holiday Shopping

What Amazon Prime Day Data Could Tell Retailers About 2023 Holiday Shopping

  • Inflation-weary shoppers
  • Competing [online] retailers
  • Buy now pay later
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over the course of July 11 and 12, online shoppers spent $12.7 billion with Amazon, marking 6.1% year-over-year growth indicating a growing trend in consumer spending and setting a record for Prime Day.

If one was to take into account the inflation over the past year, would this “6.1% year-over-year growth” (that is being reported) be actually growth or simply a reflection of inflation on pricing?

US Inflation Rate is at 2.97%, compared to 4.05% last month and 9.06% last year.

This 6.1% may be the $ amount that can be shown but most likely is not an inflation adjusted number.

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And before @Image beats me to it…

Sales ain’t profits, my man.

It’s not actual “growth” if any increased sales were eaten up by increased fees, overhead, or supplier costs.

Did you move more units?
Did you put more cash in your pocket at the end of the day?
What if some of the “buy now pay later” orders, don’t pay?
And we’re still in the return period.


Most articles like this one are really aimed at grooming the consumer into thinking they missed out and won’t want to miss out next time.

In addition … if Amazon paints a good enough picture, Amazon may be able to lure additional investors / retailers / sellers.

In the spirit of Spaceballs …



I think the trend of other online sales channels using Amazon sales days to their own advantage is we orth noting, and honestly, those are the data I’d like to see.

Did Walmart, Target, Etsy see their own traffic and sales bumps during Prime Day?


What struck me about the article were the estimates of discount levels.

Most of what I saw from 3P sellers was those meaningless brands which are not even words, whose list prices are fictional.

The few items I wanted to buy were not available for sale on Amazon, at all.

My total prime day purchases were under $10 and I used a $5 gift card in paying.


I bought printing paper and mailing labels because I was almost out of both. Neither item was on sale, and it just happened to be Prime Day.


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