fountainheadme courting/emailing me

With my 21 year old store that has steady sales why would I need this service? I already have professional quality photography and videos (over $6K in photography equipment) so that is not needed. My search is all organic, I refuse to pay amazon for their so-called advertising that should be included anyway so why pay this service too? I am quite happy with my sales volume and income which has been growing at a comfortable pace. I think I will start marking their emails as spam and move on.

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Because you are on an email list they purchased and they are too lazy to do any research before hitting “SEND” to their new blast list!

Companies that do that are on my “no buy” list



Believe it!


Couple weeks ago I received a video from a well know “Marketplace Guy” webpage, offering me their services.
They sent a long video, comparing my top product to my top competitor, telling me how I was failing for only using 100 keywords instead ofover 3000 like they are (I hate when an unrelated product appears on a search), how I should use all the available characters in my titles (spamming, yay) how I was behind them in PPC spending (my most popular item is $39.99 and that competitor has taken the cost of the keyword to $12, so I don’t sell on that keyword), etc

All in all, it was forgettable, but as I watched the video, they knew that I had seen their material, and they called me.

So anyway, whenever anybody calls my office and I’m the one who answers, I go with the standard “thank you for calling TallyTony, how can we help you”. And as soon as they say they start their spiel, I interrupt and ask “before you continue, are you selling me something? If so, I’m not interested”. They always say no, but is easy-to-spot BS, or ask all indignantly “how do you know that you don’t need it?” My answer is “trust me, I know”.

Anyway, this lady called and started her story, and after the "are you selling something?, and her “no…” exchange, I asked her “where are you calling from?”, instead of saying “MarketplaceGuy”, she said “Philippines” :man_facepalming: I think she heard my sigh all the way across the Pacific (and I-10)


This is the email I received;

Improve your Amazon sales today with a flat rate, hourly, or revenue share engagement.

That’s right, you can pick from a menu of flat-rate options so that you get a single, predictable bill from FME every month, once a month.

Is this something that interests you?

The flat rate itself is set by you. You tell us how much you want to spend, and we tell you what work can be done for that amount. Whether you need A-Z service or help in one particular area, we can make it happen.

Set an appointment with me here to review the options and get switched over.

-John Teall

NO THANK YOU PLEASE I do not want to pay for your help…did I say HELP?


Why do these dolts, think that unsolicited calls and lying is going to be a great way to establish a profitable, professional relationship with a customer?

I guess it must freaking work on some idiots or we wouldn’t receive calls like this on a nearly daily basis?


Never heard of them, but their website was painful to try to navigate - They aren’t courting you, they are spamming.


The MLM world calls it “spray and pray” :laughing: