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I expected better grammar and punctuation in their email selling their Customer Service By Amazon program.

Run for your life… :running_man: :running_woman: :dash:

Customer Service by Amazon Terms & Conditions

  1. Amazon-Provided Customer Service: We will be responsible for all customer service issues relating to shipment and customer returns, refunds, and adjustments related to CSBA Units. We will determine whether a customer will receive a refund, adjustment, or replacement for any CSBA Unit, and you agree to be bound by our decisions. You also consent to deductions against your seller accounts for our decisions to allow returns or refunds.

They seem to be forgetting that about 1-2 years ago they now require us to use proper English, punctuation, grammar, etc. when communicating with their customers. I guess that rule won’t apply to Amazon.


Forgot to mention - my first email from this CSBA sales rep was that he activated an unspecified feature on my account and would like to have a call to discuss it. I replied, “What feature did you activate without my consent?”. This was the email that follow.

Both emails were so poorly written and formatted that I suspected they were both fishing attempts.


What I find comical is they say CSBA can help reduce claims, defects, neg reviews, etc., and how their data proves it.

Sure, their data is going to show that because most of the time they just refund the customer or send them a replacement from the seller’s funds/accounts no questions asked or returns needed.


I’d like to see how much they reduce refunds and replacements - I’ll ask him for the data.


Amazon claims a 67% reduction in refunds and replacements.

I can’t decide which emoji this claim deserves.

maybe it was originally written in Chinese and then translated back into English :cowboy_hat_face:

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We think that is called English as a second language … :wink:


They have been selling this hard. I know I mentioned this here in another thread, If I find it I will be back to add a link.

The “Sales Guy” would not give up. Absolutely goaled by something to go for the close. The only thing that stopped him was a link to the NSFE, where sellers were beating the CSBA (Customer Service by Amazon program) to death.

And… A link to this forum.

He never called me again.

ETA: Anyone achieving the Under 2hr (NO SLEEPING) response time? - #28 by Image


they lost me with “we have come up with”

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To use this program, I would need to be paid, in advance, a sum larger than my current annual income. I would require this sum to be paid monthly on a recurring basis.


Putting refunds and returns into Amazon’s hands be like…

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They just tried to call me about that.
Claimed they couldn’t reach me and sent the e-mail about a new service for seller central.

I e-mailed back I have no interest in CSBA so don’t waist our time.


Just an FYI,
Sellers can find CSBA, under Manage Your Serives to see if they are ‘registered’ or to opt-in or out.

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this sounds so good! Ok “leaders” please put “damn” back on the naughty list. I don’t say words like that.

But back to the point. CSBA or Customer Service By Amazon sounds good to me.

As I said to the sales rep bugging me to sign up.

  • How many years do your CS reps have dealing with customers? Mine have an average of 18 years.
  • Can you work with a customer to send a free part (costing us $0.60) to solve the problem?
  • Can you replace the item damaged in transit, but just the item damaged not other parts of the order?

So bullet 1, no response, no answer.
Bullet 2 nope, just send them a complete new package.
Bullet 3 same. just send them a complete new package.

Just had one today, a lower margin product P xxxxx ing me off, no time for boxes. Through FBA, I know, my fault. “Replacement $0.00” :scream:


They give customers complete full refunds on any issue… I’m shocked anyone has that turned on.


Welcome to the forum.

Amazon makes traditionally bogus marketing claims about how great CSBA is. If sellers are new, inexperienced, or insufficiently cynical by nature, they may believe these claims.

The rest of us know to have nothing to do with this.


Why would you pay for this when customer service is actually free and the whole point of prime? The chat is available to all customers.

This is worse than DFY amazon stores that are marketed on social :face_vomiting:

Here is a great example of how good Amazon is at Customer Service By Amazon.


Hi! I ordered this item which was delivered Saturday 4/29. However, the package was empy. No letters were in the box, only cardboard. I wanted a replacement, but was expected to return the item, but the item does not exist to send back. I have cancelled the replacement and have requested a full refund. I don’t have time for this kind of thing. Very disappointed. Please refund asap.

Message from Amazon: “This item was fulfilled by Amazon, and we take responsibility for this fulfillment experience.”

I know that the box did not have enough tape on it, since we get items like that all the time. The product was dense, and I am sure was ejected from the package.

Now this was a FBA order, I have no choice or control over what they do. If this was an FBM order, I would have been crushed that the customer was handled this way.

The CSBA sales rep stopped calling me after I explained that our average service representative has 18 years experience. And is fluent in the English language.

I asked him, the average experience of the Amazon Customer Service Representatives. I also gave him a link to SAS, to see how we really feel.