Fun with Wild Animals

We had this in our home about 20 years ago. In my daughters bedroom window. I happened to be out of town and a neighbor came over to help.

First come the wasps. Then come the spiders. The spiders invade the wasp nest, and the spiders then invade the larva of the wasps and eat them.

For us it was before the “petrified nest” that you found. Still just as creepy, ok more creepy.

He removed the nest from the window and took it outside. When he cut it open according to him a million spiders scattered in every direction.

I do hope for peace to your furry friend and you soon.


Wow, interesting. I’m somewhat of a nature freak and I didn’t know this… Thank You!

I’ve been getting reports all day on Ollie as I am out of town until late tomorrow night. Other than the fact that he’s missing me and looking for me, he’s doing well and eating well. I don’t want to say this is behind us yet but it’s looking more and more to be the case.

Here’s one of the many pictures I got today. He’s chillin.


Interesting. I guess it’s possible that this would have happened and Ollie would have batted it around bc the nearest vent is pretty far away from where it was found.


Ollie is a cat. “batted it around” is an 50% certainty. The fact that he’s a Ginger nearly doubles that possibility.


Ollie is back to himself thank God. We are relieved and a little poorer.


But you are richer with him


As he sleeps in the chair next to my desk snoring away. My assistant will be OK… And yes, he did chop up that chair but we don’t care. It’s the only thing in the house he scratches…


OMG, look at those beautiful cat-feet!


Whew !


I can’t…

Had to share.



This remains a big problem around here. I thought I heard that they don’t stick around in an area for more than a season (or at least their numbers drop).

This year they do seem a bit dumber and easier to kill though. They also seem to be maturing much faster than last year. They are already big and red before mid-july. Pretty soon they will transform…


They were big time 6 years ago here. Have barely seen one in the last 2 years


Spread your coffee grounds through out your beds in March / April (just before planting). Also spread it around the ground adjacent to the beds.

We had bad infestation of squash bugs two years in a row. Did coffee grounds (as was suggested to us) and we have had no squash bugs this year. In fact, we haven’t had to do any pest control this year (which is a first). So we are going to treat the beds with coffee grounds at the end of the season (September / October) and then again next spring.

Maybe we got lucky this year … maybe it was the coffee grounds … but it is worth repeating to see if we get the same results next year.


No grounds if a puppers will be sniffing please!


Last year, they wiped out the neighbor’s Japanese Maple. I would see them all over the place; often kill a dozen or so during every walk.

This year I’ve seen exactly one. Got away before I could kill it.


Gypsy moth worms are decimating oak and other trees in the hudson valley and areas of PA this year. 2 massive oak trees were completely stripped bare on our property in Ulster county this morning. It was so bad that there was actually an accumulation of their crap all around the tree.

Now that they have morphed into moths, the trees are recovering and shooting out new leaves. From what I understand if this happens more than 2 years, these trees will die.

They were spraying the mountains quite a bit this spring but it didn’t seem to help.

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ETA - this morning was supposed to be this spring…

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This is Porthos settling in for his mid-morning nap.


Beautiful! I had a cat who looked very like Porthos when I was growing up. She was, um, eccentric :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is what all of my plants look like at the moment. This was this morning. Around 6PM last night, I vacuumed up hundreds of them (best way to get these bastards). Just as many 9 hours later… SMH :beetle: