Funds Available Now on SC Dashboard

Funds Available Now on SC Dashboard has been off for a few Days init?

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Yes, ours has been very wonky. Yesterday it was showing the “net when they feel like it orders” (invoiced orders) values in the FBM (Standard Orders) selection.

It was ok this morning, but I just checked and it is showing the invoiced orders in both selections.


Ours, too, has been rather wonky - on the Seller Central & Payments Dashboard alike, and for multiple workstations in various states - over the last few days, and it’s fairly obvious that the observed behavior is probably not isolated, as evidenced by our friend @Sundance’s SAS thread on this subject (link), the NSFE discussions linked in that thread, and the related discussions an onboarded user can only-painfully sift through when using Katie’s execrable search-filtering mechanism.

The most recent report of this (hopefully, soon to pass) current phenomenon which I’ve seen over in the NSFE, “Requested payouts not updating,” is only 4 hours old @ the time of this writing, but by its very premise suggests that the annual Glitchmas Season is already upon us, and that tinkering is underway for these SC functionalities:

We typically don’t worry about incidences of this nature, because I’ve seen this same movie, annually, for many years, and have yet to wind up having to do much digging that wound up indicating that any improperly-attributed charge did require a write-off - in our experience, @ least, I’ve usually found that Amazon’s Byzantinely-convoluted practices & procedures eventually get it right.


Yikes :grimacing:

All of our transactions are missing. Payment on standard orders are showing zero.


Looks like the glitch has been fixed…at least for me.

The values are now updating when switching between Standard & Invoiced Orders


Has not yet on our side.

Available Now and Payout amount are different. Essentially, Available Now is the Payout Amount + Reserve, which it shouldn’t be.

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Fixed now.