Get the cheapest USPS commercial rates with Amazon Buy Shipping

According to the email just received from Amazon Seller Services, Amazon is going to give us a great deal on “USPS Parcel Select Ground vs. Retail” Guess they aren’t planning to move totally to USPS Ground Advantage any time soon. :roll_eyes:

Wow, no * or anything!

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Just when you thought they couldn’t sink further into the ‘stupid’ category…


I’d also question what they mean by their “new” USPS rates…

I haven’t seen any price changes in the labels I’ve bought.

And besides, everybody else (ShipStation, PirateShip, PayPal, eBay…) also has the ‘cheapest commercially available in the industry’ rates. Stupid Amazon. Always trying to spin reality into fantasy.


It is saying an “average” of 35% off on USPS Parcel Select verses “Retail” (which is the price you pay at the counter in the post office). This is inline with the commercial pricing that we already see in Amazon Buy Shipping which is also available on other shipping platforms (ShipStation, PirateShip, etc.).

This is the same advertising tactic that the grocery stores do when they try to convince you that they are the lower priced grocery store … or like when Walmart says they have dropped 1,000s of items and put up signs that say “New Lower Price”.

Mel Brooks’ line in the movie Spaceballs … “It’s merchandising!”

It is saying an “average” of 35% off on USPS Parcel Select verses “Retail”

I think @Nigel’s point was that Parcel Select doesn’t even exist anymore, so it’s pretty stupid to use it in a promotional email.


This is exactly it, BUT it is Amazon after all so you may be grossly overestimating their abilities …

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And that is because the PO is as stupid as Amazon. This is from September 27th –

They had already announced GA way back on 7/10 and were (as you note) referring to the obsolete services months later.


We agree on the fact the USPS is part of the confusion. If you look under International Commercial Prices, USPS still has a First Class Package International Service. Understanding this, one can now understand why Amazon still has First Class Package in the mix with Buy Shipping. If one is selling FBM and has international sales, then having the First Class Package International Service available for these sellers to use makes sense. FBM sellers who only sell domestically may not realize this and it adds to the confusion. One way Amazon could lessen the confusion would be to split USPS into two category services … USPS Domestic and USPS International. By doing so, Amazon could have the appropriate services under each one. If the FBM seller only sells domestic, then they could select and see only USPS Domestic services. And for international, if would be the flip side.

Amazon has much work to do including fixing the APO/FPO custom documentation issue.


Are we meaning this …

… as I had on an Amazon order?

Well it would fall under the discussion as USPS Ground Advantage Cubic is part of the conversion change over of services into the overall USPS Ground Advantage program. But the discussion is about USPS advertising an item (Parcel Select) which on one hand they say is discontinued and rolled into Ground Advantage and then on the other hand shows it in another area as a service still available. In addition to that, Amazon is promoting pricing that is widely available on several platforms as being the “cheapest commercially available” in a way that would seem to mean the Amazon’s pricing is the lowest but is actually the same as the rest of the industry.


I shipped a heavy, large box of “stuff” to a family member using USPS Ground Advantage and it was delivered to South Florida address from New England in 3 days. Cost $24 Made it one day earlier than promise.

The alternative was Priority that was promised the same 3 days at a cost of $34.

This did not go through Amazon, just a Post Office Transaction. I was pleasantly surprised by the speed.

For general information only.


We have seen similar results from Texas to Ohio … ( delivered in 2 days ).

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I take your point - an astute reminder that one’s mileage may vary, depending on one’s unique circumstances - but I’d like to thank you for contributing this valuable data point.

The more ya know…

similar example here:
USPS postage bought on ShipStation Friday. Cali > NYC arrived today (Tuesday) morning. Sometimes you get lucky :slight_smile: