Glad someone documented the UPS refund steps

Now we just need another person to try it and see if the results match.



Copied below just in case Amazon decides to delete it:


I have successfully recouped over $6000 dollars out of ($13100,I filed correctly, my method, and waiting on another 6421,13 dollars "amazons way")


1. File case ( pointless but you must) Order Id, tracking number, photos if possible, amazon measurement (keepa will tell you this so does revenue calculator)

2. Call after you get the chatbot reply from level 0 support) tell them you need a TICKET filed not a case with the team that can EMAIL UPS preferred team at ups (also pointless but needed)

3. Take that ticket/case number same one step one email ups preferred team yourself ( i cant type there email address here so contact me google me)

4. U might want to do this step before the email Call UPS Preferred team ups phone number (not the number amazon will give you for preferred that is set up new account) Get UPS case number if you can, they will probably ask you for you UPS account number. ATTENTION: NOT YOUR UPS ACCOUNT NUMBER AMAZON Shipper Account number its easy to find . #ups #refunds #adjustment #money

5. Go back to the amazon case give them UPS case number and status ( keeping this ticket open)

6. Follow up with ups preferred until you get them to issue the credit (easy)

Time for hard part!

7. They will probably ask you for order ids again, date you asked for refunds, date you expected the refund from UPS, .... Because ups already credited AMAZON... so I just keep replying with dates that it has been done.

8. Call support to escalate it

9. reply to the pending ticket a lot lol

10. rewrite them a I miss you poem post in the chat like i did... and well bam

More steps than Bob Parr helping the old lady get through Insuricare’s bureaucracy.



It’s from Weresell412! Take it with a very large piece of road salt! They turned the thread into an ad for some app they are developing and some class action suit


Yes. I noticed right off who the author was. I did not go back to see the ad, but suspected it was coming.

I jumped on him for posting a “helpful” legal letter. Supposedly for a seller to send to a buyer. Looked like the letter had been cobbled together from various letters they had received in a career of pursuing ill-gotten gains.


We have never done our shipping through Amazon, we’ve always had our own UPS account. These kinds of charges can be handled better with a rep.