Going nuts on Radio products again.

I had 3 radio holsters flagged as needing an FCC ID again.

Good luck, It seems Radios are the New Pesticides.

Not new.

The radio bot runs periodically, about once a quarter,

It catches magazines with Radio in the title and assorted other products which have no electronic components.

Another of the reasons, I no longer bother with trying to fight amabots.

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:man_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: :person_facepalming:

If these same mistakes keep happening with these bots looking for “radio,” why will Amazon not simply fix the bots? :expressionless:

Because it is too hard to write a bot to fix a bot? :wink:

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Amazon has been shifting the responsibility for fixing their issues onto sellers for years.

They remove a bunch of listings for incorrect reasons, you have to relist them, they won’t reactivate the listing.

Need to fix a listing, you need to upload a flat file.

They do not want to fix these items.

The more times the bot runs, the less the chances that support will provide any resolution for the problem.

They like sellers learn that there is no point in trying to fix the page because the next time the bot runs, the page will be incorrect again.

Susan actually found a specific policy statement we were able to use to reverse a policy notification closing of a listing. A group of pages were reinstated. All were eventually removed by the bot which never changed.

Do not assume all of seller support is stupid and untrained. They may share the same feelings sellers do, and have given up.

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@Pepper_Thine_Angus I need a “resigned sigh” or “quiet desperation” emoji.


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