Good Luck on Prime Day All!

May the force be with all of you Amazon Sellers! Hope it’s a record day for you all!

Good Luck!


I wish it was, but we sell things people need, not things they want, so typically people don’t buy that replacement Kubota oil pressure gauge on Prime day. :frowning:


I’ve had a cart sitting open with “everyday” things for a few days, watching deals take shape…so ya never know. :woman_shrugging:


Well if you need a Kubota oil pressure gauge or a New Holland hydraulic hose, just buy it today cause the price isn’t going to change. :slight_smile:


I used to sit on the sidelines of PD / BF / CM.

Then I tried it once. Once you go Prime Exclusive Deal on big events on Amazon, you never go back in my category.

I know it works because I manually look at every single order 2 weeks after it shipped and apply the AI in my brain to request reviews for those that have bought before on their 1st, 5th, and 10th reorder.

Lots of people that we gave product away to on these deals (we still made $), come back and pay full price for more.

It’s all about customer acquisition in commodities… If you sell something where the quality shines through, you win.


Today is tomorrow here, but PD doesn’t seem live yet, so I’m holding on until the morn’ (or after 3amET/12amPT, if still awake).

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That’s the thing, you sell things people want/need repeatedly. If someone needs ANOTHER oil pressure gauge, next month or even next year, then our products really suck. :frowning:

Laughing at the last part…


The Amazon day starts at 3am EST…

Of course I will be up checking to make sure everything is working and manually changing prices on Walmart to match for the next 48 hours.

Couldn’t get their DAMN promo template to work yesterday! Giving me a sku error even though I used exactly what I was supposed to. There’s so little out there on this stuff for Walmart… It’s annoying!

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So how are things, everyone?

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When we ran FBM orders this morning at 6AM EST, had literally one order. Slightly less than usual. Not sure when Amazon actually turned on prime day deals, though.

I’m in the same boat. When someone buys a circulating pump for their hydronic heating system, it’s because they need it now not soon, and they expect it to last for years. PD does nothing for me.


PD never do much for Handmade items, this year I didn’t try to set up any PD related deals (which never brought much or any sales during previous PD), so at this point, it’s “0” sales for today.

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Gotta say though, LOVE Amazon’s turquoise color choice for PD! :smirk: I’m gonna go ahead and assume it’s because of SellersAskSellers, and you can’t convince me otherwise. Don’t even tell me that it was this same color any other year, ever.


I wouldn’t try!
Mostly because I’ve never shopped on PD and wouldn’t know, but that’s neither here nor there…

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Well, Update Wednesday ain’t `til tomorrow, so Baby Yoda had some time on his hands…



So far I am disappointed in the actual deals.

$10 off airpods.

I did save $4 on a hot wheel toy my son has been wanting. Sooo score?

As far as selling, in the same boat as @VTR, products are not really wants but needs. So we do not participate in PD.

About 20% less today versus yesterday. And two of these are actual deals (not just regular price but artificially inflated for a bit before the sale). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ve been watching. :eyes:

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Not getting the numbers you expect??

Try clicking on the mr cool.

Way to go Amazon

(I do not need one, I have installed 2 and they are fairly easy!)


No complaints, better than I had thought honestly. We aren’t going to comp last year, not even close, but I knew this going in with the way search is right now. Amazon has fantastic timing when it comes to this. Probably will revert on Thursday :roll_eyes:.

There’s no way any algorithm with a brain in its head would think the results from the way things are now are better than the way they were. I’ve done the deep dive. Crazy that an algorithm can be fooled by someone in the news that people are searching for but not converting any sales because of it. Continued proof of just how bad AI is.

We had our first negative comp week last week in the company’s history thanks to the above. This will be #2. Just one teeny change in autofill can take you from a 40 comp growth to negative 20. Sucks and really sucks if this doesn’t revert considering the inventory we have both at FBA and our facility to take care of the sales that were consistent since 2021 on our best seller.

That’s OK, we are unleashing 2 new and unrelated items from our pipeline next week with big potential. This was our button up year anyway. New professional website / Videos / Brand Store / Walmart. Time to shift focus back to growth and expansion beyond marketplaces. We’ve proved our concept.

  • Never get comfortable
  • Never stop fighting
  • Never stop innovating
  • Always tap every resource
  • Never trust Amazon to be your only source of meaningful income
  • Never trust Amazon for anything

What’s here today can be gone tomorrow.