Got a new Porch Pirate to contend with

Now that Amazon switched to USPS in our area, we have an extra carrier who only deals with packages too large to go in a mailbox. So, he/she leaves them on top of our mailboxes. Today I pulled up to find a Raven emptying two boxes. Apparently Amazon boxes are not too difficult for him to get into. He basically shredded the top of the boxes until he could pull out multiple contents. My neighbor has a gate across from the mailboxes and Fed-Ex leaves their Costco boxes at the gate and the Raven shredded those too but struck it rich with food stuff.

wondering if this Raven is related to @ASV_Vites 's window pecking bird ???

Ravens are pretty smart. We just need some sort of icon sticker that indicates “no food in this box”



(Sorry, I just watched an X-Men movie. :rofl:)

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Ravens and crows are brilliant. One guy told me how he watched one soak an old french fry in a puddle of water. When other birds came by, it chased them off. Every now and then it would check the fry. Then, when the fry was soft enough, it ate it.

Soon after he told me that story, I witnessed the same thing near my house: a crow soaking an old fry in water.

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That would seem to me a clear indication that you’re paying attention to what some so-called “Primitive Societies” call “sign.”

Experimentation can more or less confirm this or that hypothesis - but only if the observational evidence agrees.

Sign agrees.

It’s like the Amazon version of “The dog ate my homework.” So weirdly annoying!


Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore—
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
“’Tis DoorDash,” I muttered, “tapping at my chamber door—
Only this and nothing more.”


Perhaps get a big plastic tub, and mark the lid “put packages in here?”

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A new verdict in Amazon, via the now coined SIPP program,

that all packages now be CROW PROOF !!

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It follows the 3Ps strategy … Pecker Proof Packaging

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I’ve been trying to get my three other neighbors on board for a large Rubbermaid type storage bin and since they were not my packages the got it, I think they’ll be more agreeable to my suggestion. Especially since they are left out in the rain also.


Yesterday’s carnage. It was a replacement container and although he did not get into the box entirely, he succeeded in removing the plastic and polyfoam the container was wrapped in.

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Crow 1 - Isn’t the Holiday season just the best !!

Crow 2 - I really love how the bubble wrap goes POP !!

Crow 1 - Faster - Faster - I hear a car pulling up.

Crow 2 - Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop

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Maybe try to order Elmer Fudd and have him shipped to you …

“Be very very quiet … I huntin crow …”






Don’t try posting the above image on Amazon’s forum.

When I wrote Praise God on the NSFE(we’ve had a scary Christmas morning; adult child in car accident); was tagged for “inappropriate language” Took me awhile to figure out the word GOD was inappropriate. At first, assumed it was “Ya’ll be safe out there” triggered a non-southern speaking BOT.

There is only one ‘southern-speaking’ “bot” in play.

They call him Dogtamer. :slight_smile:

On a more-serious note, I do hope that you and yours enjoy a Merry Christmas - despite the unfortunate accident suffered by your beloved child - and a very Happy Holiday Season, as well as a prosperous New Year.