Great Shipping Options!

So happy I work with Amazon - they provide such wonderful logistics options!



4-8am, SURE.

You people can barely hit a 4-8 day delivery period.


4AM-8AM guaranteed to be “hot”

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I am thinking, it’s 4am and a TBA driver who I think is a racoon is out in front of the house…

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Let the record show, delivered at 4.59am.

Driver delivered to the front door (rather then the delivery box on the driveway, I’ll excuse them for that) and SOMEHOW did not trip over the temporary fiber running across the front walkway.

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SLIGHT ERROR in my favor. I ordered 500gb drives, and looking at the sticker on my desk right now, they are 1tb drives. ASIN sticker says 500gb so win

This was:

Sold by: Services LLC
Supplied by: Other

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SSD too! 1TB for $39.99 :exploding_head:

Yeah, I might order a few more. And it’s a Samsung, not exactly a grey label when it comes to ssd’s

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And this is how you “delight” customers, folks. :rofl:

Yeah and then there is the customer(s) that ordered the TB and got shafted.

There has been a rumor floating around the internet

Just saying…

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