GTIN Exemption for "Comes as Set"?

We have a larger quantity variant in progress for a high volume product we sell.

To test out the demand for such a quantity, was going to add a new variant that would just be a set of so many of the product. Sold as Set.

Do I need to create a GTIN for this or is GTIN exemption a possibility here? All my other products have GTIN.


On GS1, you can set this up without using one of your “X” amount of codes you bought. It’s a subset of that code and indeed a 14 digit GTIN. That’s what we do for our multi-packs.

Go to the datahub, copy the product that you are making into a multi-pack and classify it as an “inner pack” or “case” and you can get a GTIN that Amazon will accept. GS1 will auto-generate the code. It will not count against the codes you bought.

Make sure you make it “Live” and make it “purchasable by a consumer”

The process isn’t complicated but GS1 will ask you which of your existing products this one is related to and how many of those are in the set.

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ok, cloning the product, and okay to give it a unique sku?

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Yup… Forgot to mention that.

We have a process for assigning internal numbers for our products. We just add a 2 at the end of our 2-packs…

ok, and you are sure it doesn’t take away from my capacity. I have it still in Pre-Market and it shows that the 1 pre-market counts as Used

I set the packaging level as Case

I’ve done it many, many times…

Inner Packs are for Multi-Packs for us. Cases are actual case-packs for us which we need for our distributor and hopefully future retailers.

You can get at least 3 codes for each actual code.

We own prefixes, not individual codes. I can’t tell you if that makes a difference. It shouldn’t.

actually, I don’t think it worked as the GTIN it assigned is:


Going to try Inner Pack

Copying and cloning are different.

Did you go through the process where you assigned which product was the “parent”?

It’s not called the parent but it should be self explanatory.

You have to assign the hierarchy. It’s part of the process.

I’d send a screenshot but it will take 20 mins to redact everything because we are not exposing ourselves anywhere.

It will just be a GTIN. The UPC will be listed as N/A

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Clone just makes a direct copy of it for the description page.

The only way I can get a 12-digit GTIN is if I say it’s for Shipping Only. It asks me the product that will be in the Case, and I choose the product and say 3 of them.

If I select Purchasable by Customer, it forces me to take the “00” GTIN

That’s weird. Wonder if they changed it. It hasn’t been more than a couple months since I did this…

This is from Google:

GTIN-14 is always 14 digits in length. It never starts with a zero as the first digit. GTIN-14 is used to identify trade item groupings (e.g., case of a product or inner pack) and is NOT intended for point-of-sale use.

Then make it non-purchasable. It won’t matter. Your prefix will be imbedded in it and Amazon will accept it.

I trust you! :grinning:

watch me go through SAS hell when they get beef on this.

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I promise you that you won’t have an issue with this.

It’s impossible.

All Amazon cares about is the prefix. It’s in there.

We used to blow though codes for multi-pack tests and then I learned about this little trick.

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