Had a sale on Sears (for the first time since November…)

Anyway, I don’t ever check Sears, and the prices of most of my listings were off by some significant margins.

It speaks volumes that the amabots and Wallybots are not checking Sears for price comparison. But just a reminder to anybody who sells there, if they are as careless as I am with that platform, to check your prices, even if Amazon isn’t.


Congratulations on your first sale of 2023! I admire your tenacity. I dropped Sears years ago, I wasn’t prepared to work that hard for one sale a year. So glad that there remain people like you, in this country who are willing to work hard.

God Bless you! You are a real American hero!

:confounded: oof, that has to hurt.

Thanks for the reminder @Tallytony! Might consider setting a weekly reminder to cross check…if it’s worth it.


Wow! I didn’t even realize they were still around… I always assumed they went away when they filed for bankruptcy. We closed our account in 2015 and barely received any orders prior to that.


Last time I was in a Sears was 1985