Handmade's New 'Improved Discoverability' Destroyed Our Listing,


I don’t post over there so I didn’t comment, but maybe someone that does will comment.

@papy maybe we can cross post this one in the Handmade section?


Took at look at that shop (they also sell prints). They show them framed (they’re unframed) and not on white backgrounds. I also see some with props.

Do we think they will ever enforce this stuff? Because if not I might just change mine and the heck with it.

ETA: If anyone is worried, just run a Category Listings Report (you might have to request it be added). Shows all your listings and their category - mine are fine.


Thought I would check this out but not sure where to request this report. It is not under the available reports listed in Inventory Reports. Where did you find yours?

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You have to write to support to request it - it’s a Beta report. I think those of us who’ve requested it had it added very quickly.

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Actually you can download a Category List Report from reports now. No longer have to ask. I use it almost daily.

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Yes, but it’s not there initially until you request it I don’t think?

What do you use it for that often? I feel like I’m missing something!

Interesting. Mine has been there for quite a while. I use it to make changes to my listings. Titles, keywords, descriptions, prices etc. It’s a lot easier than using the inventory management page where you have to update the listings 1 at a time individually.

Gotcha! I do everything with spreadsheets now, but I haven’t used that report/spreadsheet to do it.

Do you cut/paste just the ones you’re changing, or just upload the whole thing every time?

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I just download it and open in excel. It has every listing and all of the info so you can easily change what you need to in the spreadsheet and then save and upload on Amazon. Sooooo much easier!

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This is what I see… Am I looking at a wrong place?

Edited to add: I found a youtube instructions video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tk9rENVPd94

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Yes, and you don’t have it - did you open a ticket to request access to it? I had to do that (months ago) and it’s been there ever since.


Yes - do you only upload the ones you’ve changed, or just send through the whole thing? Last time I did that it took hours to finish. :0 But I agree it’s the easiest way for sure!

I just send the whole file. It will only update the things that you have changed. Definitely easier and faster!

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If it is available to you it will look like this. It may be only available to some in the Beta but as @LR72 said, you can request it from support.


I remember at one point requested to have this report (Don’t remember if I opened a case to do or not, guess I must have), so it is on my list now, so I requested a report

According to info about the upcoming change, it had this statement: “We are beginning a multi-year project to reclassify existing Handmade products from GUILD product types to standard product types”.

Just checked that downloaded report, and looks like all my listings are still under “guild” - “guildjewelry”, “guildhome” for product types, so doesn’t looked like they have been changed.


Yes, it’s a quick and easy way to check - especially to see if any have been moved by mistake.


Thanks. I just checked and none of my stuff has been moved yet.

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I noticed this warning notice on one of their product page:

They must got a lot of returns for Amazon to display this warning, could be because buyers are expecting a framed item.

The warning is under the store logo, so buyer have to scroll a bit before see it, so it’s not a very efficient as a warning

I spent a bit of time the other day scrolling through print sellers’ reviews - ones who misrepresent their listing by showing it framed. There are a lot of reviews saying they didn’t receive what they ordered so I quickly decided not to do it. Most of them sell cheap & can absorb those reviews, I cannot.