Has any Seller tried to cancel an order on MakerPlace?


Has anybody tried to cancel an order on MP? There is a “Cancel” button" with the order, but the no reason such as wrong address. I just didn’t feel comfortable try to cancel the order myself, don’t know if there is any consequence for doing it.


Here is another issue, as stated by my buyer: “I thought I’d get a chance to edit the shipping address but it just went through without asking”.

Since I didn’t make any purchase on MakerPlace, I don’t even know how exactly to raise this issue to Michaels to fix or improve.

I am always mindful of something that our friend @lake, among other of the seasoned & savvy forum vets (many of whom, sadly, are no longer with us in one way or another), has pointed out for years about Selling on Amazon:

Any lack of experience with what a customer is facing can easily paint one into a corner right quick-like.

I think I’ll have to make some purchases from you Handmade Artisans over there @ MakerPlace, despite the fact that Christmas decor crafting is already complete (because the better ½ enjoys working on that throughout the year, and she’s long-since gotten the younger generations to follow suit), just to see if I can offer any insight on what to expect.

Besides, unlike her, I’m always looking for nifty stocking-stuffers, right up to the last minute (there would appear to be more than one reason why I have to wear shinguards to bed! :smile_cat:).


Just a refund button AFAICT is the only way to cancel. I feed backed 2 issues today and keep adding more on a weekly basis. Hopefully they are working on all the “new site” issues. I don’t think you will be penalized for cancellation at this point. I don’t think they have much established in the way of performance metrics.


@Dreamscape-Studio and @wadeorcas I am very sorry for the “freaky friday (on a tuesday)” that just happened as I moved posts. Hopefully mostly righted now. :sweat_smile: