Has Anyone Else Watched New Bezos Movie?

Bezos: The Beginning (Bezos (2023) - IMDb)

A fellow seller recommended this movie (available on Prime) so I watched it, hoping to learn a little more about Jeff’s early years, which I did.

I post about it here because the acting across the board was about the worst I’d seen since watching film class submissions back in high school. My wife kept asking me, “Are we going to keep watching this?” It’s worth watching just to marvel at the low bar one has to surmount to call themself an actor. The IMDB reviews will give you a sense of what awaits you. Enjoy!

I’m now morbidly curious.

Will it replace The Room as the “best” worst film?

I believe so.

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That is the most descriptive, best review of a movie I have ever seen. :rofl::rofl::rofl: “Is this seriously how we’re going to spend our time?” Love it! :clap:

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