Having an impossible time with seller support over suspected IP violation….

So we sell auto parts and are brand registered with Amazon and have a legal trademark on our brand name. We occasionally receive suspected IP violations, I think just about everyone has since they started that 2 years ago. They normally aren’t a problem, we edit the listing and they reinstate it and the complaint comes off our dashboard. They used to deactivate these right away but now they keep them active and just tell you to edit them within 3 days or they will be removed.

On Wednesday, we received 4 of these suspected IP violations for having the Audi trademarked logo in a couple images on these ASINs for a bumper trim we sell. The bot must have picked up a couple pics where we show the bumper trim on an Audi (it just so happens this trim is on the front bumper of the car so it actually picked up the Audi emblem that was on the grille on the actual car in the picture). I don’t even think this is even technically against policy but we don’t try to wake a sleeping bear and don’t argue with them.

Thus, we just edited the images and took those pics out. Mind you, these were all the same images we had in all 4 ASINs. They reinstated 3 of them pretty much right away on Thursday.

Their first reply to my message on the fourth one after we took those pics out was that the brand name was wrong because they said the brand name was Audi. The brand name is clearly not Audi on the listing and never has been. Plus, the suspected IP violation clearly said trademark logo, not anything about the brand name.

I emailed them back and told them very clearly that the brand name shows as our brand name (and not Audi) and that the listing infringement clearly stated the issue was actually trademark logo. I again tell them we’ve removed those pics and want the listing reinstated. They replied that they reinstated the listing. Excellent, I thought! However, a day later that ASIN still had not come out dashboard so I knew they didn’t “reinstate” it correctly. I email them again telling them they must not have reinstated this correctly because it’s still showing. They again confirm it’s reinstated. It still shows. I again email and they again confirm it’s reinstated. Three times now it’s confirming reinstated but it still is showing on the dashboard. I email again (all these messages are in the initial case) and last night I get a reply that we didn’t update the detail page as required and now they’ve actually removed the listing. They again ask me to remove photos (now their story switches back from the brand name to what the actual issue is) with the Audi logo (which was already done 3 days prior and 5 messages ago at this point).

What should I do here to escalate this? This should be so damn simple and it’s started to stress me out at this point because of all the different stories I’ve gotten from support on this case….all of which are false. It should take even the dumbest rep 30 seconds to see the pics are now OK as is the brand name. They should also we’ve already been told 3 times this was reinstated.


I’m going to tag a few folks who might have insight for you: @primetime @oneida_books @BennyMac @tandi @Puppers


Thanks papy…

Just got another rejection message…

Also, just to clarify, before they removed this listing last night, I did verify the actual live listing page was accepting our photo edits and did indeed delete those offending ones. We literally put the same new pics in that we did for the other 3 ASINS that have been reinstated. I don’t understand what they could be looking at…


Is there ANY chance they are actually looking at a different Marketplace?

Have you logged out of your account and viewed the product page?

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Or a private browser window …

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The page is gone now since they removed it last night.

Before they took it down, I did view it logged out and logged in and the offending pics were indeed gone.

I don’t think they can be looking at a different ASIN as I appealed them one at a time (meaning there are technically 4 different cases that were opened for the 4 ASINS originally).

It’s funny you mention about whether I viewed the page when I was logged in….because on one of the other ASINs, it was still showing the offending pics for awhile ONLY on desktop and only when logged in.

I then went to Brand Registry and the “remove photos” option for the ASIN and those offending pics were still showing there despite not being on the live listing. I didn’t even know about viewing pics on the Brand Registry site until 2 days ago. I then basically uploaded the same non offending photos 3 times each on the ASIN and it at least pushed those old offending ones off of brand registry (whether seller support could still see those or not, who knows).

So, I’m confident those photos can’t be anywhere anymore which is why this is so perplexing. It’s even more perplexing that they said in 3 different emails I was reinstated……three different reps said this.

The very few suspected intellectual property violations we’ve had where it involved the actual trademark name in the ASIN are easy because you don’t have to go through seller support to have them reinstated. They automatically reinstate. The trademark logo ones are terrible because you know seller support screws up 95% of the things they are involved in and you have no way of reinstating these otherwise.

I really don’t know what to do….we have clean metrics. Will we get suspended for this? Probably not….but who knows. I don’t know how many points it will take from our account health score yet.

Let me just add how utterly useless Brand Registry was, too. At first the offending pics weren’t removing when I uploaded new ones. I asked Brand Registry to remove them and they wouldn’t. They kept talking about why my pics weren’t uploading due to quality (which had nothing to do with why I contacted them). Luckily I was able to change the format of a few pics and it removed those old ones (again, like that should even have made any difference).

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In response to Papy’s tag - my situation was an IP complaint filed against me by another seller as preparation for hijacking my listing page, hijacker changed the brand. Your suspected violation sounds like bots took it down because they detected Audi in the photos, so different triggering circumstances.

Seller support literally could not make any changes for me until after I filed an abuse complaint against the hijacking seller. It sounded like support was technically denied access until that happened. I hope the system doesn’t expect you to file a complaint against Audi when they are not the complainant. I would love a complaint system for reporting bot abuse!

After performance cleared the violation and support fixed the brand, the page did not update.

A US based support agent gave me this tip that you could try:

Maybe that trick will push through changes for you?

Good luck!


Update: It moved our account health score from 268 to 256 so not a huge huge deal.

I opened up a separate case to try to get some info. as to whether there are other pictures somewhere on this ASIN that we just can’t see…it automatically directs you to only ask a question about reinstatement, though. So I went through and still filled out the online form asking about the pictures. They now reply (as I said, on a different case than the original appeal case) that it’s my TITLE that is wrong…and as a result, that I might not be properly stating replacement/compatibility with…wait for it…my own brand.

You can’t make this stuff up…

I replied back that I edited the title…I want to see if they actually will reinstate it after this on that new case. If so, I might just close the original case and delete the ASIN altogether after. After all, the exact same department is replying to this one…


I will try that…it’s definitely under my inactive list and not under my removed listing list.


The bots are still in charge, looking for Audi in the title.

In my case, the bots wanted the fraudulent brand name in the title. So frustrating, their automation creates a problem and is not efficient for solving it.


Hey, now, pal - what are you complaining about?

We’ve got less than a ½-millennia to go before Amazon solves the problem.

In The Year 2525. :innocent:

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Do ya really think they’ll last that long?? :melting_face:

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That wasn’t my question/thinking.

What I mentioned was …

I once had a seller with a mixture. Same ASIN as US but it was actually the CA PDP that was at issue.


This, to my way of thinking, is the primary problem with Amazon’s Global Catalog, and the source of such loopholes as the (still-not closed) infamous Keyword Sabotage phenomenon so heavily exploited by Bad Actors.

Thank goodness for the “Scour Amazon’s Global Marketplaces” functionality of Brand Registry’s “RaV” (‘Amazonese’ for "Report a Violation) Tool @ https: //brandregistry.amazon.com/brand/report-a-violation, which currently offers insight into 21 of the current 22 Marketplaces (i.e., all but Amazon.cn, which is a ‘special’ case - though it must be admitted that searching the Japanese Marketplace with the tool can be problematic).

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Do you mean different Amazon marketplace? Or do you mean different marketplace like EBay, Etsy, etc?

We only have these on Amazon US……again, if that’s what you meant.

I got 3 more replies and now they seem to be fixated on the title (except for the one moron last night who replied and said it was now a design patent) though the title doesn’t even have Audi in it. They keep saying we have to show compatibility with Audi (which the original title already had).

Again, the rare time we get these……even if it’s just for trademark logo, I try to foolproof these for seller support and I remove ALL references to the brand anywhere on the product page. Thus, before I applied for reinstatement on this I removed Audi from the title, too. I guess I’ll try adding in the title as it was and see if they will reinstate.

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It does not have to be (intentionally) created by you.


What all of Rob’s (Oneida) and my own last two replies to your thread here are focused upon is the fact that the parameters of the situation which you’ve laid out seem to suggest that your problem might be rooted in an Offer-Listing, made by some other seller in another of Amazon’s Global Marketplaces, OTHER than the ones where you yourself have made your own Offer-Listing upon the ASIN in question.


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Ok I’m following you now…would those have the same ASIN I assume if someone put an offer up on another Amazon site?

In other words, could I put that ASIN into brand registry and just search all the other marketplaces?

Damn, there are other people selling some of our items on other AMZ sites, what the heck? I don’t think this listing seems to be one of them….but unfortunately this ASIN doesn’t show even in brand registry right now (I assume because it’s inactive).


Yes, you presume correctly - barring this or that snafu - Amaglitch, Bad Actor attacks, unintended consequences arising solely from Amazon’s warm embrace of the Defective By Design & Silo Management Business Models, etc. coming into play & preventing Amazon’s automated mechanisms from propagating the SAME ASIN - AND ALL of its fundamental attributes throughout Amazon’s Enterprise Domain - that IS the desired behaviour of the Amazon Global Catalog/Catalogue, as far as Amazon’s decision makers are currently concerned .


Did you check …

  • www.amazon.ca/dp/{ASIN}
  • www.amazon.com.mx/dp/{ASIN}
  • www.amazon.com.br/dp/{ASIN}

These might not be the issue, but I’d check all of the America’s Unified Marketplaces.